NFL fans were caught off on Friday when the (that is so much fun to say) released Chris Long, James Laurinaitis, and Jared Cook.

When a move that large is made 31 fan bases begin to toy around with the idea of Player A or B, justifying how it can work out with their team when it didn't with the player's former.

Twitter was ablaze with fans, myself included, considering the option of a pass rusher like alongside the elite young talent currently on the squad and then… all hell broke loose.

Even before this setback the Cowboys had a lot of questions where pass rushers were concerned. Just hours ago my fellow Staff Writer Sean Martin pondered whether the team should bring back Greg Hardy. and Noah Spence are draft prospects who many have drooled over partnering with the likes of Gregory. Personally I evaluated the past production of some potential free agent pass rushers last week.

The position was in a state of extreme imbalance when we all woke up this morning, and Randy Gregory's sent that into hyper speed. The pressure that already rested upon finding a pass rusher through some outlet this was just intensified that much more.

What is particularly troubling and frustrating about this is it isn't Randy's first issue with substance abuse.

Randy's failed drug test at the last year was a large reason why he fell to the Cowboys at the 60th Overall Pick last year. He told us all that he had turned over a new leaf, and that his troubles were behind him. Today proves otherwise.

This is deja vu in the worst way for the Dallas Cowboys as they began last season with their star pass rusher, , suspended for the season's first four games. It seems that as it has now happened twice… a new tradition is officially born.

There is no doubt that Dallas everywhere are disappointed in Randy, and you know what? We should be.

We've all spent a lot of time talking and tweeting about the troubles of over the last 12 months. I'm not saying that Randy is on that level, but let's not throw Randy a pass (another one, mind you) simply because he's a Dallas Cowboy.

Randy obviously cannot resist something, whatever it is, that the NFL strictly prohibits. These are rules and regulations that a large majority of the NFL is willing and able to follow, but Randy Gregory is not.

Randy Gregory's name is now in the same territory as 's. Think about that before you blindly defend him.

What do you make of Randy Gregory's suspension? Let us know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!

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Randy Martin

Huge disappointment and a game changer with large ripple effect. I really don't want to hear his public apology to friends and family and fans. Just knuckle down and get your act together.

Jess Haynie

My biggest concern is that, if they even were planning to let Hardy walk, they don't change their stance now. Whatever reasons you had for not wanting Hardy back are just as valid now as they were before the Gregory news. Don't give in out of desperation.

Again, that's if they actually were planning to let Hardy go. I have no idea which way they're leaning.