Dallas Cowboys – Detroit Lions: Staff Picks And Predictions; Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope your holiday is going well, because the day is halfway over. That’s a real glass-empty way of looking at it, huh? But seriously, today has to end. It must end so that tomorrow can come, because tomorrow the Cowboys host the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football as the 2016 NFC East Division Champions.

That’s worth welcoming the end of Christmas, right? Right.

You’ve all heard by now, surely, the Dallas Cowboys have nothing left to play for this regular season after the Giants gifted them a loss against Philly on Thursday, and their playoff spot is locked in as well. While it is tremendous news for those faithful fans among us, it’s also a huge question; how do you finish the season if the last two games have no value?

Marcus Mariota and Derek Carr each suffered a broken fibula yesterday so it’s definitely still football season; injuries still happen, even crushing ones. Do the Cowboys risk Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley, and this offensive line for meaningless games? Do the Cowboys risk getting these guys, who we’ll need at the top of their game in January, out of sync by sitting them, resting them?

Well… that is the million dollar question, isn’t it? And it’s only exacerbated by the fact that our starting QB and RB are rookies…

This will be the 27th meeting between the Cowboys and Lions, and it’s a fairly even record at 14-12 Dallas. But more importantly, this will be the first game against Dallas since the controversial 2014 playoff game for the Lions. Histrionics add meaning and make players fight a little harder. Plus, the Lions are trying desperately to stay one game ahead of the Packers for the division title, so we’re sure to get a good show tomorrow night.

But enough lead-in; let’s check in with our staff for their thoughts and score predictions.

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Brian Martin | @Bmart0204

The Cowboys offense got back on track last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and I expect a repeat performance against the Detroit Lions Monday night.

Ezekiel Elliott should have another big game and put himself even closer to breaking Eric Dickerson’s rookie rushing record. Defensively the Cowboys have been playing really well and I think they will give Matt Stafford and the Lions offense all they can handle. Detroit has been living off of their late game heroics, but it’s not going be enough to bail them out this week in Dallas.

Cowboys 27 – Lions 19

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Kevin Brady | @Kevinbrady88

Similar to how they did during the 2014 season, I think the Cowboys finish off their season strong despite already having everything locked up.

This team wants to send a message to a potential playoff opponent in the Detroit Lions that if they meet again, things won’t end well for the Lions. Ezekiel Elliott has a big day, and the game is never really in doubt.

Cowboys 31 – Lions 17

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Jess Haynie | @CowboysAddicts

Dallas can say that they are playing to win, but the Lions are truly playing for survival.

Clinching the top seed will make it hard for the Cowboys to match the Lions’ intensity. Dallas may rest some of their banged-up starters.

Cowboys 20 – Lions 31

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Sean Martin | @ShoreSportsNJ

It is Christmas morning as I write this, so I can’t in my right mind pick against the Cowboys – even though they seemingly have nothing to play for.

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are going to be out there though, and I think they find a way to pull out another thrilling win late.

Cowboys 28 – Lions 21

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Bryson Treece | @BrysonTreece

It’s a beautiful thing, having nothing to play for; it’s beautiful because all there is to play for this year – unlike 2015 – has already been achieved for the regular season. The Lions can’t say the same, however, as they’re in the fight for their whole season right now.

Like Jess mentioned before, the Lions are going to play with a level of intensity that the Cowboys are ill-suited to match this week. It’ll be interesting, but I’ve got the Lions pulling out a crucial win while the Cowboys cruise a bit. Just a bit, though.

Cowboys 24 – Lions 27

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One thing is for sure, this game will be the last December football game for the Cowboys. Everything else? You’ll just have to wait and see, like the rest of us.

Merry Christmas, Cowboys Nation. LET’S GO COWBOYS!!!

What do you think?


Written by Star Staff

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