2009 Dallas Cowboys Draft Spotlight

The Dallas Cowboys will be in search of several different but equally needed positions in this years up coming draft. So we have decided to do a spotlight series on each different position, and the players they may be looking at to fill those needs. The first part of this series begins today!

The first position on the block, is one of dire need! This team needs depth in a bad way in the secondary. Now when I say secondary I am specifically talking about first and foremost, a ball hawking safety. Followed immediately by corner depth behind Newman, Jenkins, and Scandrick.

Myself and the writers of both A Cowboy Nation and Cowboys Nation, will be giving you our analysis and the possible draftees. So without further delay here are your possible secondary draftees.

Here are the top six players on our draft board for secondary. I have listed the players in rank (my ranking of course).

Well there you have it! Make sure you check out each players link to get the inside scoop. Next week we will have the second addition of this segment, not for certain yet what position we will be looking at, but stay tuned. If you have someone you would like to add to the list let us know!

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Written by Phillip Baggett


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