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Preseason has come and gone, and the regulars of the Dallas Cowboys will begin focusing on September 11th. As a Fantasy Football owner, you’ve seen everything that you need to see in the preseason.

Let’s evaluate the Dallas Cowboys.


Tony Romo

Oh. My. Goodness. If seeing Tony Romo writhing on the ground didn’t make your heart sink, I question if you’re really a fan, or have a heart.

Romo going down after that awkward hit led to an immediate face palm.

Other than the 2011 Texas Rangers World Series loss in game 6, I’ve never had such sports shock, terror, and sadness all at the same time. Thankfully, he got up on his own accord. Still, that scene has shown us the end for number 9 could come sooner than we’d like.

Aside from his health, Tony Romo has done nothing but play well. He is still a low-end QB1 in fantasy football in my mind, but I’m drafting my QB2 quickly after as insurance.

Tony Romo will likely see his Average Draft Position (ADP) drop to the undrafted range, but he could be had at the end of your re-draft leagues. If you have any interest in him, I bet he wouldn’t cost much in a trade right now.

Factoring in his current value (overall perception) and his current ability (probably the more realistic perception), I would still take a shot with Tony Romo.

Stock Check: Down. Likely to hit the IR and return in eight weeks.

Dak Prescott

Well, here we go. We’ve seen what Dak Prescott can do in the preseason against the Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla of defenses. He’s performed well enough to show the coaching staff that he is the answer at quarterback, at least until Tony Romo can return.

What’s also extremely exciting is that we’re going to find out if the rookie out of Mississippi St. can play at the NFL level.

I can’t remember a rookie quarterback stepping into a better situation than the one Dak Prescott is stepping into. The best offensive line in the universe… A running game that can throw three solid backs at you… The deepest wide receiver group this team has seen in a while…

Value is high right now. He could be a sale candidate if there’s a Tony Romo owner in your league. That said, how he plays in the next few weeks will determine his long-term value. He has fairly decent match-ups in the first six weeks of the season.

Stock Check: Sell if you have needs in another area, or keep him and have fun watching him play.

Running Back

Ezekiel Elliott

Man, oh man, what a debut for Ezekiel Elliott in week 3 of the preseason.

Elliott did everything expected of him and so much more. The rookie running back ran with patience, decisiveness, burst, and physicality.

Ezekiel Elliott ran right at the Seattle Seahawks defense and made an effort to show the league that he is more than ready for the physical challenges the NFL is going to bring. And if you aren’t paying attention, he’s going to lower a shoulder on you.

Stock Check: You probably won’t be able to trade for him at this point, unless it’s a Titanic-like offer. If you’re still drafting for your Fantasy Football League, don’t hesitate to draft him in the first round. The only thing that’ll keep him from top-10 RB production is injury. Expect 18-20 touches a game and anything more is a bonus.

Alfred Morris

If you really think about it, Alfred Morris should have been done. The running back didn’t have a great year with Washington, they moved on, and Dallas was there to scoop him up. With the contract he received, one would think he is beginning the downside of his career, but his preseason play has shown he has a ton of football left.

He’s looked like when he was finishing in the top-10 in rushing yards with Washington. He is a dynamic back in the zone blocking scheme and he runs with power.

This situation isn’t the same as 2014. As much as we think the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff wants to give all the carries to Ezekiel Elliott, they are going to want to give the ball to Alfred Morris as well.

I believe that Morris will get at least 8-10 touches a game. He is too good to leave on the bench. He’s a veteran with a track record.

Stock Check: Morris is worth a bench spot on your fantasy football team. He may have some short yardage and goal line opportunities, and I think he’ll post 40-50 yards a game.

Darius Jackson

Darius Jackson has proven worthy of a roster spot this preseason. He hasn’t had the luxury of running behind the greatest offensive line in creation, but he has been fairly productive.

Stock Check: He made the 53 man roster on the final cut day. Likely not going to see enough touches to make an impact unless there is an injury. Roster worthy in dynasty leagues with 25+ roster spots.

Lance Dunbar

This coaching staff loves Lance Dunbar. He can run the ball and has the ability to make plays as a receiver.

Dunbar is just getting back into the swing of things, but will have an opportunity to make an impact on this team if he’s healthy and the roster doesn’t squeeze him out.

Lance Dunbar had 21 catches in the first three games of the season, showing that the coaching staff would like to use him as a Darren Sproles type back.

Stock Check: In PPR leagues, Dunbar is worthy of a roster spot. In Standard leagues, I’d wait to see how the beginning of the season goes, but he likely won’t see enough touches to make a fantasy impact.

Darren McFadden

Oh how things have changed for Darren McFadden.

McFadden led the Dallas Cowboys and finished the 2015 season top-five in the league. The Dallas Cowboys then added Alfred Morris with a two-year contract, who is a much better fit for the zone blocking scheme Dallas prefers to run.

They then used the fourth overall pick on Ezekiel Elliott.

McFadden was already looking at a decreased workload, and then he hurt his elbow and has missed all of training camp. His outlook for remaining on the Cowboys roster is looking sketchy, let alone any workload that he might get for Dallas.

Stock Check: McFadden will start the season on the Non-Football Injury list and will be out for 6 weeks. In dynasty leagues with deep rosters he’s worth a roster spot in order to wait and see where he ends up. Could get traded into a productive situation.

Wide Receiver

Dez Bryant

Tony Romo going down is going to hurt the stock of just about everyone on the team, but for a player with the ability of Dez Bryant, I think the quarterback change only hurts his stock a little.

Dak Prescott has shown a propensity to throw the ball up and let his best players make plays. He hasn’t been shy about throwing it to Dez Bryant.

Dez Bryant is one of the best players in the NFL and he is one reason why I think that Prescott will have a productive time as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback while Tony Romo is on the shelf.

Stock Check: No change. Dez is Dez. He is going to dominate the focus of the opposing team. If opposing defenses try to key in on the running game to make Prescott throw it, he and Dez Bryant will make them pay.

Terrance Williams

Terrance Williams had a really bad drop in the third preseason game. Dak Prescott found Williams deep in the middle of the field with a step on the cornerback. Prescott placed the ball for Williams to go up and make a play, yet he waited for the ball to come to him.

Attacking the ball has always been an issue for Williams, especially with his hands. Dak Prescott has developed quite a rapport with Brice Butler. Terrance Williams may not lose his starting spot to Brice Butler, but he is losing ground.

Stock Check: Terrance Williams is a great late-round flier. He’s in a contract year and has a chance at double-digit touchdowns. If he is on your waiver wire, go ahead and pick him up.

Brice Butler

Brice Butler has a lot of the tools you look for in a secondary receiver.

  • The ability to go deep and take the top off the defense.
  • He has good hands.
  • He’s a reliable route runner.
  • He can go up and get the ball.
  • He has the trust of the quarterback.

Stock Check: If there’s an injury to the top two receivers, Butler will have a good chance to make an impact.

Cole Beasley

The Dallas Cowboys slot receiver has a lot of upside in this offense, if he gets enough targets. I’m only interested in Beasley in 14-team PPR (points per reception) leagues or as a flex in 16 team leagues.

Stock Check: No change

Lucky Whitehead

In deep leagues that award points for return yards, Lucky Whitehead is going to give you value. The coaching staff is beginning to figure out ways for him to have an impact in the offensive game plan.

Stock Check: No change. Likely won’t get enough touches to have an impact in leagues without return yards.

Tight End

Jason Witten

Jason Witten doesn’t miss a game. He is as dependable a tight end as there is in the NFL. I think he has a really good chance to return to the top-eight in tight end scoring in fantasy, but is typically ranked around TE15.

Stock Check: Witten is a quarterback’s best friend. Savvy enough to find openings and be a hot read, Dak Prescott will be able to use Jason Witten as a reliable target. 

What do you think?

John Williams

Written by John Williams

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.

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