Dallas Cowboys Find A Few Heroes In Week 7 Loss To New York Giants

I love tv shows.

My dvr gets a full workout each and every week as I’ve got it recording this, that, and the other. It takes me a while to comb through everything, but hey it’s my dvr and I’ll do what I want!

I like all kinds of shows. Drama, comedy, reality tv, football duh… I watch ’em all. Among my precious collection are a few shows revolving around iconic vigilantes born on the pages of comic books.

That’s right! I’m a fan of ArrowThe Flash, and I’m going to see what this whole Supergirl deal is about. It’s nice to see some people, fictionally or not, use their superhuman powers to rise up and save the world.

Last week in New York the Dallas Cowboys had a few players rise above and use their own powers to try to save the world of Cowboys Nation. None of them wore a mask (sorry Rip Hamilton), but they were heroic nonetheless. Here are the official Dallas Cowboys Heroes from Week 7:

Darren McFadden

I know Back To The Future Day was technically last week, but it seems that Darren McFadden found the flux capacitor and fired up his own DeLorean.

29 carries, 152 yards, and a touchdown. Yowza!

We heard all through the bye week that Christine Michael was going to get the start and saw Joseph Randle come out when the game first started… but it was Run DMC that stole the show.

McFadden detractors or Randle apologists will say that the offensive line looked good, so what? Do you think Superman is not helped by the Justice League or that Iron Man could fight all the whatever they’re called without the Avengers? Of course not!

I’m not saying that McFadden is the savior of 2015. I am saying that he was totally worth the very minimal risk that the front office took when they brought him in. He has more than delivered on expectations and at this point we’re playing with house money on DMC.

Congratulations to Darren McFadden, I mean Iron Man, on being one of this week’s heroes!

Byron Jones

Can you guys believe that Chip Kelly, probably drinking a smoothie at the time, took USC’s Nelson Agholor over Byron Jones? I can – because he’s crazy.

The first rounder really showed his defensive chops two weeks ago when he all but locked down the best tight end on this earth, Rob Gronkowski. The star on his helmet shined particularly bright last Sunday as he played very well at the safety position.

The corner spot hasn’t been the total mess that we’ve grown accustomed to in the Brandon Carr era so that has allowed Byron to roam at the safety spot, and you know what? I dig it.

This Sunday the Cowboys will enshrine one of the greatest safeties of all time, Darren Woodson, into the Ring of Honor. It’s about time we found some legitimate consistency at that position.

Congratulations to Byron Jones, who I am deeming Batman, on making the Week 7 heroes list!

La’el Collins

Isn’t it completely amazing/totally crazy that the three guys on this list weren’t even on the team last year? For all the grief they’ve taken in the media this week… the front office really has a firm grip on talent recruitment.

La’el Collins has one of the most unique stories in terms of how he arrived in the NFL. He’s a very humble young man who wants to come in and do some serious work. That’s what he did in New York.

Starting for the first time ever in his young and promising career, La’el showed the type of talent that Jerry Jones recruited in his home with the rest of the offensive line. La’el really shored up the left guard position and was part of the reason why Darren McFadden was able to have such a nice day on the ground.

The offensive line is in good hands with all of the supremely young talent that lines up there. Thank goodness for La’el Collins, who I have affectionately dubbed the Hulk, and his Week 7 heroics.

Let’s hope that we can have some guys fall into radioactive waste or arrive from Planet Football so that we can get some more super hero action on Sunday when we welcome the reigning NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks to town.

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