The day on the calendar was different, but somehow yesterday felt like the same ‘ol song and dance from the 2015 .

After it was all said and done the scoreboard gave the the victory by a margin of 16-6, but it felt like 100-0.

The reason it felt like a hundred point shutout was because the of the Dallas Cowboys, shockingly, didn't show up. Sure there were a few plays that perked our eyebrows and grabbed our attention, but they didn't show up on the scoreboard and that's where it matters most.

Offensive issues are no stranger to this team so it's not like we were caught completely off . We've, sadly, come to expect very little from that side of the ball and they totally delivered on that expectation.

Come with me down Disgusting Avenue as we break down yesterday's bleak offensive performance.

Kellen Moore Needed To Do More

The Cowboys turned to the services of for the first time during last week's loss at home against the . Kellen came in and actually threw a touchdown to , but he also threw three interceptions.

Moore has a little bit of razzle-dazzle to him that can be exciting to watch… either that or we've all just become so numb with pain after watching for so long. Either way Moore came out in Buffalo as the starter and wasn't afraid to throw the ball.

Altogether Kellen threw 31 passes while completing a shockingly low 13 of them for 186 yards. There were no touchdowns, but there was an interception (although it bounced off of the hands of so not 100% Kellen's fault).

To be totally fair to Kellen you have to consider that Dez Bryant wasn't out there, so that changes a lot of things. While he didn't set the world, or the box score, on fire Kellen was unafraid to throw downfield. I like that quality about him.

Kellen also brought to life a certain that has been pounding the table to see – Brice Butler.

Moore has done enough to earn some serious consideration in my eyes. I am in no way saying that this guy is the future of the Dallas Cowboys, but with the proper time and effort put into him he can be serviceable.

Overall Grade: C+

The Whole 99 Yards

If you read my Bold Predictions for the Bills game then you know that I called for to have over 100 yards rushing. I was two yards shy!

Run DMC finished with 99 yards on the day off of 19 attempts, giving him a 5.2 yards per carry average.

I've said it before and I will say it again – Darren McFadden has been the most consistent piece of the 2015 Dallas Cowboys Offense.

This guy is money in the bank at this point. You can say it's because of his own natural talent or give all the credit to his (which does feature three Pro Bowlers). At the end of the day Darren McFadden has been worth the move made to get him in every way.

What's particularly impressive about McFadden's accomplishments is that he's doing so in the face of extreme predictability. He had 5.2 yards per carry with Kellen Moore as his quarterback! Everyone out there knows he's getting the ball and, for whatever reason, he can't be stopped.

Overall Grade: B+

The Butler Did It

I alluded to Brice Butler earlier, but it's time to unveil something truly incredible about him concerning yesterday's game.

Brice Butler led the Dallas Cowboys in receiving yards!

In my I also called for Brice scoring on a pass of over 30 yards. He did have a 34 yard reception so I wasn't too far off. I'll take partial credit.

You know by now that Kellen Moore didn't light the Bills up, so it's not like the receivers did either. The biggest positive was Brice's performance.

tied Butler in receptions (4) and did go for 62 yards himself; however, it is becoming more and more apparent that Brice Butler is a better receiver than him and this game may have been the exclamation point on that.

had a nice 25 yard reception that saved a one catch for four yards performance, and even caught a pass!

The biggest pass was caught by . With his one catch for 12 yards, Witten caught a pass in his 118th consecutive game… giving him the longest streak in Dallas Cowboys (he was previously tied with at 117).

Jason Witten has had some personal highlights in a season that has been largely disappointing for the offense around him, so at least we're able to celebrate something.

Overall Grade: B-

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What did you think of the Dallas Cowboys Offense on Sunday? Let me know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!

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