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Dallas Cowboys Good, Bad, and Ugly From Week 6 Against Arizona Cardinals

The dropped to 2-4 after yet another embarrassing loss at the hands of the on . Turnovers put them in an early hole, one of which they were never able to climb out of. Surprisingly enough though they still sit in first place in the division.

Sadly, it was much of the same from the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6. They continue to make the same mistakes week after week with little to no accountability from either the staff or the players. Something needs to be done, but what?

Instead of dwelling on what they could've and should've done against the Arizona Cardinals, let's get to this week's edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. As always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this topic in the comment section.

The Good

I'm having to scrape the bottom of the barrel here, but for me the good for the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6 against the Arizona Cardinals was 's return from . After exiting the season opener early against the with a broken collarbone it was good to see No. 55 back in action. I thought the Cowboys would take somewhat of a cautious approach with him coming off of , but he actually ended up playing a surprisingly amount of snaps.

The Bad

Turnovers have been a problem for the Dallas Cowboys all season and sadly enough it didn't stop in Week 6 against the Arizona Cardinals. 's two fumbles in the first half resulted in 14 points for the Cardinals and not so surprisingly that was the bad for me this week. Putting themselves in the hole due to turnovers has become commonplace for the Cowboys this season. Unfortunately, only attention to detail has any chance of stopping it from happening.

The Ugly

exiting early… running wild… Turnovers… I could go on and on. From start to finish this was yet another ugly performance for the Dallas Cowboys. I keep trying to stay optimistic they can turn things around, but even as a naturally optimistic person I'm finding that extremely difficult. It might be time for us to admit to ourselves this team just isn't any good and we should probably expect more of the same from them the remainder of the season.

What is your good, bad, and ugly for the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Cowboy Fan Ed

The good: I know you guys are going to think I’m crazy but I thought AD got the ball out and threw several lasers to his receivers ! The drops that our receivers had didn’t help! I realize AD didn’t have the greatest game but as time goes on working with these receivers and playing at game speed he sure beats Cooper Rush! One other thing the defense made a few stops But we are still terrible ! The bad: These teams coming in to AT&T stadium and blowing us out somebody is not doing their job! The Ugly: We never know what our kicker is going to do he might hit an 90 yard field goal and then turn around and miss an extra point!!


Brian you summed it up well. Zeke’s fumble were horrendous. Put us in that 14-0 hole. I will say on one of those fumbles if our OT stays with their block till the whistle, Baker would not have been able cause the fumble. But Baker played a hell of
game. Thought Lamb got mugged by DB, horrible non call by refs, who then got INT. We were driving pretty good at that point. Just a horrible non call, even announcers agreed on that. Of course Martin going down was/is a big problem. Don’t know his status yet. Zeke caused that, with his knee to Zack’s head. Needless to say Zeke had a very bad game. Worley also had a bad game, while Diggs is still showing up and X Woods made a couple plays. Why do we defer when get the coin flip? Don’t like that at all, although D got Cards to three and out on that first possession. Gallup dropping that TD pass was REAL bad/ugly. That would have gave us at least a little momentum at that point of the game. Thought running the ball more made sense, which they did try to do, but those fumbles changed that strategy pretty much. Thought Dalton played fairly well, especially considering the amount of pressure their D was able to generate. He made some good throws, was able to roll out at times, and didn’t get rattled. Four turnovers, plus that really bad non call, and dropped TD pass was just too much to overcome. Give Murray credit, he is super quick and just very difficult to contain/tackle. Tough game to watch, we have some work to do. Agree with Justin, down the road we need the draft some blue chip defenders. But still have to clean up these damn TURNOVERS.

Gary b

When getting chronically injured LVE back from injury is the bright spot well…..

I hear alot of excuses as to why we lost this game…which is what bad teams tend to do. If only this had happened or that had happened.

AD is a solid QB but 266 yds on 54 atts. with 2 int (should been 3 along with a pick 6) is not near enuf production for a team that is so reliant on their offense. Say what u want about DP but he had the firepower to keep us in games by hitting on big chunk plays down field and generating alot pts. Can’t score the pts this team needs with check downs and 10 yd passes.

This team looked inspired and flat. I didn’t get the impression they thought they couid win. DP at least gave them that hope thru his leadership and ability to put alot of pts on the board.

Trade Elliott before the deadline. That guy is hurting us bad with his fumbles and general lack of production.


Gary b, I agree with pretty much everything in your post. Dalton is not at Prescott’s level at this point in his career. One may make a case for him being as good Prescott at the same point in their careers. But that is of no consequence now. That one INT was made after a mugging of Lamb, so IMO, not his fault. Zeke has been very disappointing. That first game against Rams, he looked very good. Don’t know what happen to him. Those two fumbles really did hurt us badly. And he ran out of bounds a couple times instead of taking on the defender. Maybe the front office should look hard at trading or bringing in FAs to try and stop the bleeding.

It looks more and more that the defensive players we lost in FA, DE R Quinn, CB B Jones, DT M Collins and even S J Health, had a big negative effect on our defense. Salary caps have consequences. Some TEAM players will work with front office in order to have enough money to go around, in order to have a good chance at having a good team. Tom Brady did that for years. Result – Super Bowl WINS.


Very little off-season and not practicing with the 1st string recievers… Along with basically a whole rookie offensive line except Connor Williams (I know McGovern isn’t a rookie but basically is) That’s what you get for an offensive production night. Dalton never had a clean pocket and we couldn’t exactly establish the run to deter that. I’m not even gonna get into the defense. Gonna be a long season because we’re not gonna sniff 30 pts the rest of the season. And our defense can’t keep anyone under 30

Gary b

VAM- I Agree the cowboys miss certain player’s and the continuity they brought. In many ways this was a perfect storm of misfortune this season for the boys.

I think Zeke look’s like he just lost it. No burst no passion running out of bounds too much. I say trade him and get whatever we can get, though how much would that be with that contract and his performance.

Regarding Dak- in fairness very few players these days are giving home town discounts on their first big contract. Maybe on the 3rd or 4th one. But check it out the cowboys had Dak on a obscenely low contract for 4 yrs and this is the best team they could put together. Jerry has mismanaged this team at every turn. Other teams are able to pay their QB and still build a competitive team around them, but not the cowboys. The cowboys should have more cap space to work with (including a potential Dak signing) but due to poor signings and eating excessive dead cap money, here we are.

But with all that said if what they are saying about the contract negotiations is true (and do any of us really know) and Dak is trying to squeeze them for every penny, then I’m on board with exploring any and all options regarding the QB situation. Just not Dalton please!

This team needs to try to purge themselves of bloated contracts and underperforming players. Try to get some trade capital and start making better decisions with the construction of this team. Play the young players so we can find out what we have and what we need. Sounds like a rebuild to me.

Johnny T

5 Bold Predictions for Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals in Week 6
In a reply to my comment … “I try to promote positivity, not negativity.” Brian Martin

Dallas Cowboys Good, Bad, and Ugly From Week 6 Against Arizona Cardinals
“It might be time for us to admit to ourselves this team just isn’t any good and we should probably expect more of the same from them the remainder of the season.” Brian Martin

Those two comments were written 12 hours apart. Why the sudden 180?

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