Dallas Cowboys @ Kansas City Chiefs: Key to the Game

Sunday is the day… Refocusing starts here, Silencing starts here, Revenge Starts here. After 4 weeks of uninterrupted criticism, the Cowboys begin their new season today. At 2-2, all is not lost, but could be with a loss this week. Romo could find himself in a downward spiral of unending controversy, Coach Phillips could find himself facing the most intense heat in his life, and Jason Garrett could see all his highly regarded knowledge be thrown in the trash with his future. That being said I think they will win this game, and avoid those scary headlines.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the wonderful opportunity to take their winless record and put it up against a team that is, well… pissed off. Romo needs to show that he can still control the game with his improv style, while still implementing a dominating running game. The Chiefs allow 256 passing yards a game and 128.5 rushing yards a game. Those numbers are pretty close to the Cowboys but the big one is that they allow 28 points a game. With Larry Johnson only averaging 2.6 yard a carry, the Cowboys defense, who have been re-energized as of late, will be able to focus on honing in shutting down this offenses passing attack.

The Cowboys will win as long as they focus on this weeks Keys To The Game:

1. Let Our Speed Receivers Loose- Brandon Flowers is a Solid cornerback, he has great recognition and great tackling ability but speed isn’t on his side. We need to take a few shots down field and let speed do some work for us this week.

2. Destroy the Cassel- Cassel hasn’t exactly been impressive, and the Chiefs have allowed 13 sacks this season. Expect our defense to produce and get Cassel off his rhythm.

3. Offensive Balance- Jason Garrett needs to call plays based on situation. If we’re up, run the ball. Figure out what’s working, analyze the defense, and all effective plays that helps Romo be the player that we know he can be.

4. Lock Down Receivers- Our DB’s have to be on pace here, shutting down Dwayne Bowe and Mark Bradley. A pick or two would be wonderful.

5. Don’t Let Johnson Get Rolling- Larry Johnson has been kind of a disappointment, his offensive production hasn’t be spectacular on any account. However, he has ability and we need to keep an eye on him.

Overall I see the Cowboys finishing this one with ease. We’ll head into the Bye week with a win, and a good chance to refocus and prepare for Atlanta at home.

Key Injuries:


Gerald Sensabaugh, Thumb- Out

Felix Jones, Knee- Doubtful

Roy Williams, Ribs- Doubtful

Marion Barber, Thigh- Probable

Kansas City:

Alex Magee, Illness- Probable

Wallace Gilberry, Head- Probable

Ikechuku Ndukwe, Shoulder- Probable


Dallas: 31 KC 10

What do you think?


Written by Bo Martin

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!


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