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Dallas Cowboys Loaded With Options

With the 2009 looming ever so close, we are no closer to knowing what the Cowboys will do. Do they stand pat and make selections as they come? Or do they group some of there later picks together and try to make a move to the ? Well either way I will not be shocked.

One thing we do know is that Jerry is not a big fan of moving to the first round this year because of the possibility of next year being  an uncapped year. Has Jerry ever let his better judgement get in the way of his desire to “Make a splash”? Never! So in that realm of thinking what picks would Jerry need to package to move up to a position to be able to grab a splash maker? and who could that splash be?

When moving into the first round we must first assume that the player that they would be moving up for is one that is going to be a starter and one that can contribute at a high level immediately.

One area that all of us have said needs some love and attention is the . Now in order to get into position to grab one of the top four Tackles, Dallas would need to get into the top 15 picks. This would be a costly move, both financially and would cause serious repercussions to the rest of their draft. Once again nothing would surprise me, but this is a highly doubtful proposition. The requirements of such a deal would more than likely be; next years first and this years third.

Now the option of moving up into the lower half of the first to grab Max Unger from Oregon  is a much more probable idea. I could definitely see a “There has been a made” scenario take place where the Cowboys would send the the 51st pick and the #120 and next years 3rd for the 28th pick of the Eagles. Although I see this as being a very possible scenario, I personally feel the Cowboys would not use the 28th pick on an offensive lineman.

There are two options that I feel may be to tough for Jerry to contain himself on. First scenario would involve some sort of trade probably involving next years 1st rounder and several of this years being shipped to Denver in exchange for there recently acquired 18th selection. While the Broncos could use as many first round picks that they can get, I believe they will trade one of those picks away in order to gather more picks. The Cowboys by making this trade could put themselves into prime position to gather one of the following; (a) (b)James laurinaitis (c)Percy Harvin (d)Eben Britton

Option #2 would be much less risky but could pay big dividends quickly! Better yet it would not involve jumping into the first round! The boys could send next years 2nd round pick and this years 4th #117 to New England in exchange for their first of 2nd round selections this year #47. If a trade like this was done they could leave the and fill two major needs and still pick in every round the rest of the way out. They would also leave this round with two top flight players. Now the players that I believe that they could get would be #47 (a)Darius Butler CB UCONN (b)Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forest (c)Marcus Freeman ILB USC (d)Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma.

Then follow that selection with the #51 (a)Sean Smith S Utah (b)Jauquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma (c)Louis Murphy WR Florida (d)Louis Delmas FS Western Mich. (e) Darry Beckwith ILB LSU

I understand that none of this means anything as this is mere speculation, and is no different than watching Star Wars and thinking that there may actually be a Luke Skywalker! However since we are only 17 days away from the draft what else am I going to do?

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