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Dallas Cowboys Mini Camp Recap

has concluded and we've been able to come with some pretty good analysis from what we have here in our rookies.

We're Safe

A lot of us fans have expressed concern over the position this with the departure of .  However, calm your nerves.  Akwasi has been incredibly involved in learning all the mental aspects of the games and the feeling is that he is going to be in a position to get good playing time.

On top of that, both undrafted safeties impressed this week.    and were consistently making plays during drills this week which seemed to earn them the trust of the staff.  Does that mean they will both make the time? Time will tell, my guy says only one of those two will stick but we're extremely thin in the position.  Both seem to be quality players who, over time, might be able to develop.

My money is on Akwasi though, I think he will turn into a starter in the league in about a year.  Also, lets not forget about he's a viable option and could play consistently enough to get us through.

Inside Track

When the Cowboys drafted , fans were confused and angry, experts were applauding.  It seems like there is a reason experts are well… experts.  Sean Lee has, at this point, looked very good; he understands the terminology and successfully reads plays. The consensus is that Lee will be the first Cowboy rookie to see substantial playing time.

My Favorite Character

The Cowboys drafted and media critics were concerned.  Not because of his talent but because of his character that was considered to be pretty horrid.  Well Dez Bryant is a character, just not a bad one.  His interviews were polite and articulate.  He sounded genuinely grateful and excited to be a part of this Cowboys team.

Despite some physical issues, he contorted his body to make some impressive plays and pushed himself past the point of exhaustion to prove that he can work hard.  I am impressed at what he's done and look forward to what he will evolve into; which will be a dynamic Pro-Bowl receiver.

Sick Indecision

Scott Sicko of New Hampshire originally decided to pursue football after not being drafted, only to reverse that decision after thoughts of his future and a 6 figure + salary came to mind.

Since coming to Dallas he has positioned himself to make at least the .  He has transformed from a pass catching to a versatile football player.  Willing to take on any job if it means making the team.  Hats off to you Scott despite your rocky beginning.

Bo Martin
Bo Martin
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