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Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft: Mike Iupati, Jordan Shipley Headline

Hey , I'm here to treat you with my first 2010 .  I've done a decent amount of research and watching and have established, what I believe is a solid draft for the .  Of course, this can all change as we watch the combine and pro days in the weeks ahead.

Over the next few weeks I will be looking at each of these choices in depth, and will also provide news, combine, and prospect updates in the days leading to the draft.  So enjoy this, share your insight, and stay tuned as Dallas Cowboys Nation begins to lead you through this .


Why They Take Him: Mike Iupati has been a favorite of the Cowboys Scouts.  Impressive at the , Iupati has all the that the Cowboys love on the line.  He is powerful, fast, and knowledgeable.  If Iupati is available, which I believe he will be, He will prove over time to be a steal at 27.

How He Fits: Iupati would make an immediate impact on this team.  With Flo on his way out and Kosier finishing up his contact we are in need of offensive lineman.


FS Morgan Burnett
Georgia Tech

Why They Take Him: Burnett is a diverse, capable with range to spare. His ability to play either FS or SS makes him ideal for the Cowboys.  He is able to play the run, get to the , and has good coverage skills.  All in all he isn't great yet, but has that potential.

How He Fits: With Hamlin on his last leg and Sensabaugh year-to-year, Burnett could be the future franchise safety that the Cowboys have lacked since prowled the field.


Penn State

Why They Take Him: Sean Lee is a product of a Penn State football team that is known for producing game changing linebackers.  This year will prove to be no different.  His sprained knee drops his stock but the Cowboys get a steal here if Sean Lee falls this low.

How He Fits: Think 's mini-me.


WR Shipley – Compensatory Pick

Why They Take Him: This Texas native has some very good skills.  Many experts sense that Shipley can be a Wes Welker type receiver and with getting older, and continuing to be a no-show, this could be a big pick.

How He Fits: , possible number two.  His role will really be settled in a year or two once we figure out where Ogletree and Crayton land.


CB Patrick Stoudamire
Western Illinois

Why They Take Him: An underrated and overlooked due to the strength of schedule at Western Illinois.  However, this guy is aggressive and has a knack for breaking up passes.  He is fast and capable, and could really benefit the Cowboys in dime situations and more in the future.

How He Fits: 4th Cornerback to start, but could be the future at this position if can develop him well.


KR/PR LeRoy Vann – Compensatory Pick

Why They Take Him: This is my surprise to most of you.  The Cowboys have talked about picking up a game changing returner, well this is your guy.  Vann proved during the senior bowl he can play both receiver and cornerback, but he is most known for his electrifying return abilities.  This could be a huge upgrade for the Cowboys.

How He Fits: If you like to play (, ) he could become a great player at multiple positions, but for now we'll just plug him in as a premier return man.


G/T Zane Beadles – Compensatory Pick

Why They Take Him: They take Zane here because they need some depth at O-line and he is merely the best available.  Zane needs some work but with some great linemen on the Cowboys he could find a pretty good mentor among them.

How He Fits: Simply a depth lineman at this point.


DE Jeffrey Fitzgerald – Compensatory Pick

Why They Take Him: Fitzgerald isn't a “pass-rush” specialist.  That's good since the Cowboys operate a 3-4.  Fitzgerald has good ability, he can use his strength and leverage to disengage blockers and make stops on the line.  He would be a good rotational end.

How He Fits: 2nd string DE who could start over time with some development.


DE Ricardo Matthews Compensatory Pick

Why They Take Him: A 2nd string that has shown ability to get in the backfield.  Leading Cincinnati with 11.5 tackles for a loss, he has some potential but again, he'll need some development to be a name in the .

How He Fits: Rotational DE.


DT Malcolm Sheppard

Why They Take Him: We are in desperate need of DT depth.  A lot of solid names are taken and Jerry loves his razorbacks.  Just because Sheppard isn't a big name doesn't mean he can't produce.  I have a good feeling about this choice and think that Sheppard is a great target for 3-4 .

Where he Fits: Behind , No challenge there.

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Bo Martin
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