Dallas Cowboys Must Start Kellen Moore

With three games remaining, and the Cowboys at 4-9, my optimism for 2015 is all but gone. Disappointing, gut-wrenching and unfathomable are all words I would use to describe the turn of events this season.

I joined the Inside the Star family this summer with one goal in mind – writing about the Dallas Cowboys as Super Bowl Champions. Now, my attention shifts to how to make the lifelong dream possible next season.

This process must begin with the quarterback position as Kellen Moore needs to come in for the veteran Matt Cassel. We all know exactly what the Cowboys have in the veteran Cassel, and it’s not pretty.

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Matt Cassel threw 0 completed passes that traveled 10 yards in the air over the first 55:28 of the game today.

Kellen Moore represents more than just the white flag for 2015. He represents a potential answer to some of the most critical questions the Cowboys will have this offseason before the draft.

1. Is Kellen Moore a viable backup QB?

With a short week to prepare for the Jets, and a road game in Buffalo on tap for week 16, the Cowboys should be able to get a decent showing one way or another from Moore. While entirely evaluating him off of three games would be unfair, his performance could make the difference between drafting a signal-caller in the first round or trusting him enough to let him compete with a lower round pick.

2. Will Kellen Moore save Scott Linehan?

While I find this entire topic absurd, and hope that Linehan is back next season regardless of the outcome for the remainder of 2015, a transition in quarterbacks could certainly save him. Linehan was with Kellen Moore in Detroit, so the two have a chance to put something together and prove to Jerry Jones and the Cowboys that Linehan should return and Moore can be here to stay.

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Should Kellen Moore start for @CowboysNation on Saturday against the #Jets?

3. Can Moore play with more confidence than Cassel?

As referenced in the tweet above, perhaps the most frustrating part about Cassel’s play is his unwillingness to try to hit on big plays down the field. Given the chance, would Kellen Moore attempt to open things up and finally get Dez Bryant involved this season?

 4. Is Kellen Moore a trade option?

Let’s say Moore starts against the Jets and throws four touchdowns, only to regress to what the Cowboys thing they actually have in him at Buffalo and against Washington.

In this scenario, we have seen teams before throw out everything they know about evaluating players and go after a QB based on one game tape. Perhaps a team would do the same for Moore, giving the Cowboys a valuable piece in return.

Some potential trade returns may include a different backup QB that the Cowboys rank ahead of Moore, or a running back that shows potential.

These four questions are very important for the Dallas Cowboys moving forward, and can all be answered by making a simple quarterback switch away from a hopeless veteran in Matt Cassel to a young and potentially exciting Kellen Moore.

So, I ask you now, is Moore the guy the rest of the way? Let me know with a comment below, or find me on Twitter @ShoreSportsNJ! You can also follow ITS on Instagram at insidethestardc!

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Written by Sean Martin

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