Dallas Cowboys Offense Continues to Dominate Madden 17 Rankings

I miss football. Don’t you, Cowboys Nation? Training camp is right around the corner for our Dallas Cowboys, which is certainly a huge step in the right direction, but nothing will come close to watching the boys in white step onto their home field against the New York Giants come September 11th to kick off their 2016 season.

Fortunately, with the massively popular Madden NFL video games, fans can fire up their gaming consoles at any time to take control of the Cowboys – or any other team – and feel like they are in mid-season form.

With the 2016 Dallas Cowboys offense projecting to be one of the league’s most explosive, the Madden 17 rankings that have been released have reflected this unit’s full potential thus far. Recently, we found out that rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott will begin his virtual football career with an 80 overall rating.

NFL Rookies React to Madden 17 Ratings

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Naturally, Elliott reacts to his rating in this video by sharing his plan to raise it by the end of the season. To do so, he will obviously be relying heavily on his star-studded offensive line, nicknamed The Space Cowboys by our RJ Ochoa.

EA Sports has released their “Top 10 Offensive Line Player Ratings“, with three of the top ten players playing on Sundays in the star.

Jimmy Jal on Twitter

Thought you might like this @rjochoa. 3 out of the top 10 lineman from @dallascowboys in @EAMaddenNFL Top 10 OL

Tyron Smith, to no surprise, is the highest rated Cowboy – coming in as the second best offensive linemen overall, behind only Cleveland’s Joe Thomas. Smith anchors the Cowboys line at left tackle with a 97 overall grade, 98 run blocking, 97 pass blocking, and 88 strength with 78 agility.

Coming in at 5th is Zack Martin, who has been a star at the right guard position for the Cowboys since his selection in the first round of the 2014 draft. In Madden 17, Martin will feature a 92 overall grade with 95 pass blocking, 92 run blocking, and 82 strength.

Cowboys Headlines - Dallas Cowboys Offense Continues to Dominate Madden 17 Rankings

Last but certainly not least is the Cowboys’ starting center, Travis Frederick, who comes in with a 91 overall rating at 8th on the top 10. Frederick is also the only center to crack the top 10, doing so with a 96 run block rating, 86 pass block, and 90 strength.

It looks like the Dallas Cowboys offensive line will not only be dominant once again on grass, turf, and whatever the Redskins call that hunk of junk, but they will be leading the way for you and the rest of the Madden community that’s a part of Cowboys Nation on your quest to earn some serious bragging rights on the digital gridiron in Madden 17.

Get ready to call some HB zone plays, bust out some juke moves, and run Ezekiel Elliott to glory behind the best offensive line in the National Football League – and in the new Madden video game. Happy gaming!

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