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Dallas Cowboys Players Frustrated With Jason Garrett?

Brian Martin



When you've lost the last three games and have been outscored 92-22, there's bound to be some frustration among players and coaches alike. This is the situation the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in right now. Cowboys players are reportedly frustrated with Jason Garrett and his coaching staff.

According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Cowboys players are growing frustrated with the lack of adjustments by the coaching staff and the simplistic game plan.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

From @NFLGameDay: While #Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has supported coach Jason Garrett, players are getting frustrated with the coaches over their lack of adjustments during the losing skid.

Honestly, it's not all that surprising Cowboys players are frustrated and that frustration is being directed towards Jason Garrett and his coaching staff. I know that's where I'm placing a lot of the blame, and I think a lot of Cowboys Nation would agree.

It has become increasingly clear the Cowboys coaching staff under Jason Garrett has failed miserably at making in-game adjustments, instead choosing to stick to their simplistic game plan. Look no further than the lack of help they gave the struggling Chaz Green against the Atlanta Falcons and how they were outscored in the second half these last three games.

Rod MarinelliSimplicity was fine when the Cowboy still had Ezekiel Elliott to lean on for offensive production and to help keep the defense off the field. But, what changes have been made on either side of the ball without Zeke in the lineup?

The offense can't lean on the running game like they have done since drafting Elliott and Scott Linehan has yet to make any adjustments to replace his production. His playcalling has become too predictable and defenses simply don't respect the running game enough, which allows them to pin their ears back and rush the passer.

Unfortunately, Rod Marinelli and his defense are arguably even more predictable and simplistic. Like Linehan, he has failed to make any kind of adjustments during the game and continues to play individuals who are vastly underperforming. On Thanksgiving alone, Philip Rivers was able to identify where the Cowboys defense was blitzing pre-snap and adjust accordingly.

The sad thing is, I don't know if we'll see any changes from Jason Garrett or his coaching staff anytime soon. If you believe Jerry Jones, he's not worried about the coaching staff and believes they will turn things around. I for one have my doubts though.

If the rumors are true and the players are indeed frustrated with Jason Garrett and his coaching staff, it's only going to continue to get worse if they keep losing games. Only time will tell how all of this plays out, but making changes to the current coaching staff is starting to look like a top priority after the season.

Is Jason Garrett and his coaching staff losing the locker room?

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  • Hobbes49

    No kidding the players are frustrated. They have looked like total garbage the last three weeks. What they should be is embarrassed. It’s clear the coaching staff is relatively incompetent at this point. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. My family was laughing at me on Thanksgiving because I was telling them exactly what the Cowboys were going to do on any given play. It’s patently ridiculous. I am also concerned that the players never seem to get any better with this staff. I am really worried about the future, especially of the defense if the staff remains intact. Little worried about Dak’s continues development as well.

  • tom

    in chargers game and others, I have NEVER seen audible out of a CB blitz. Scandrick commits pre-snap and everyone in building knows he is coming off edge. Very few DL drop back in zone blitzes, even our stunts are garden variety.

  • Justin Gunn

    More than likely since Garrett still has 3 years on his contract at $5 per year he will stay and Marinelli and possibly Linehan will be replaced will younger more innovative minds in the off season. Think about Sean McVay and how he lines up the offense early so that he can call audibles in Goff’s helmet before the mic’s go dead at 15 sec. That’s the kind of forward thinking that we need for a young team.

  • Raul Hernandez

    Jason Garrett is playing the offense like a broken record. It finally took eight sacks or so to make changes at left tackle and it was after Prescott took a beating.. Why are Bell and Chad Green still on the team any professional team? Kavon Frasier and Health deserve more credit for playing heads up ball.
    Garrett needs to figure it out and start playing younger players who are hungry to make an impact.

  • Roger Johnson

    FINALLY! Someone else sees what I have complaining about for two seasons! The writer nailed it! 100% correct! I was starting to think that it was me.

Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys 2018 Free Agents: RB Alfred Morris

Jess Haynie



Alfred Morris

After two seasons of providing veteran depth for the Dallas Cowboys, running back Alfred Morris is about to be a free agent again. Does the 29-year-old still have value for the club, or will Dallas go with younger options in 2018?

Morris was signed in March of 2016. At the time, it was assumed he would be the backup to incumbent starter Darren McFadden and perhaps even split carries.

But a month later, Dallas drafted Ezekiel Elliott and drastically changed the landscape at the running back position.

If Alfred suddenly seemed expendable, that quickly changed in June when McFadden broke his elbow. Morris wound being the number-two back after all, but he was rarely used as Elliott immediately became the workhorse RB and held that role for all of his spectacular rookie season.

Last year, we all know what happened with Ezekiel Elliott. Morris became the primary RB during Zeke's suspension and had solid numbers, averaging 4.35 yards on his 99 carries during that six-week stretch.

By Week 16, though, not only had Zeke returned but Rod Smith had started to break out from the depth chart. In the Cowboys' pivotal game that week against the Seattle Seahawks, Alfred didn't even get a touch behind Elliott and Smith.

Alfred Morris

Dallas Cowboys RB Alfred Morris

Considering Smith's emergence last year, and him only being 26, it's easy to see why Dallas may not be looking to bring Alfred Morris back. They seem to have their one-two punch already set at the top of the RB depth chart.

What's more, Morris isn't likely to settle for a likely third-place role. He may not be interested in coming back to Dallas given the situation.

Thankfully for Alfred, he enters the free agent market with some good tape from 2017 showing that he can still produce. It's not a loaded crop of free agents this year and, despite his age, Morris could still find a good job somewhere. He's earned an opportunity to compete, if nothing else.

That opportunity likely won't come in Dallas, though. As I wrote about last month, the Cowboys have enough power already and need to add a speed option in their RB rotation.

That said, Alfred Morris spent the last two years giving Dallas good value for the money. He was a solid free agent pickup and his time as a Cowboy should be remembered fondly. At this point, though, I doubt that relationship will continue.

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Dallas Cowboys

Though Promising, We Need To Relax About Safety Kavon Frazier

Kevin Brady



Evaluating The Future Of Kavon Frazier, Byron Jones, And The Safety Position

With the addition of former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard to the Cowboys' defensive coaching staff, fans are hoping that Dallas will create their own "Legion of Boom." Of course this is a lofty goal, but one worth pursuing nonetheless.

If the Cowboys are to recreate the Legion of Boom they will need their version of two vital pieces: Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor.

The Seahawks defense works, in many ways, because of these two players. Thomas' ability to play centerfield and literally defend sideline to sideline gives the Seahawks the freedom to use Chancellor where he's best, as a box safety. Chancellor is a big, physical safety who defends the run effectively in the box and can blanket tight ends in man coverage with his size and athleticism.

These safeties are arguably the most critical pieces to the Legion of Boom, though having a shutdown corner in Richard Sherman certainly doesn't hurt.

Realizing Chancellor's importance, Cowboys fans are hoping that current safety Kavon Frazier can fulfill this role in Dallas. Since being drafted by the Cowboys in 2016 Frazier has made his home on Special Teams. As an impressive tackler in both punt and kick coverage, Frazier earned himself time at safety down the stretch of the 2017 season.

Kavon Frazier

S Kavon Frazier

All in all, Frazier played rather well. Against the Washington Redskins he stepped in and made a few splash plays at the line of scrimmage, causing Cowboys Nation to lose their minds. After that impressive Thursday night game, however, Kavon Frazier didn't really reach that same level of performance.

Frazier is still a liability when asked to cover, especially when asked to play as a two deep safety. He also struggles when taking angles at times, though playing downhill as a tackler is his best attribute. Frazier actually reminds me a bit of Barry Church, though over time Church became more refined in coverage than Frazier currently is.

Some have argued that Kavon Frazier's presence should stop the Cowboys from considering a first round safety. I would disagree, and actually believe that if Florida State's Derwin James is available, the Cowboys should consider making that pick.

If you could combine the athleticism and coverage abilities of Byron Jones with the physicality and "box safety" qualities of Kavon Frazier, you'd have a fantastic safety. Unfortunately, this isn't the Marvel Universe and we are left without any super heroes in the back-end.

Hopefully Kris Richard will figure out how to correctly place all of these pieces in the Dallas Cowboys secondary going forward.

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Dallas Cowboys

Maverick Carter: LeBron James Considered Cowboys During NBA Lockout

Kevin Brady



Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Maverick Carter is a pretty important man in the world of sports. As a business man, entrepreneur, and manager of one of the best basketball players of all time in LeBron James, Maverick Carter is certainly used to making headlines.

This week, while on former NFL running back Arian Foster's podcast "Now What? with Arian Foster," Carter claimed that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones once attempted to negotiate a contract with LeBron James.

During the 2011 NBA lockout, Carter claims that Jones contacted LeBron James and discussed bringing him in as a Cowboy while the NBA was without games.

"Jerry Jones, being the smart marketer he day out of the clear blue sky LeBron got a contract I think it was for like one year, a couple million bucks to play for the Dallas Cowboys." - Maverick Carter.

Carter then states that LeBron may have the paperwork framed in his house to remember these discussions with Jerry Jones. LeBron's fandom for the Cowboys has been well documented, as has been his high school football prowess.

We may never know how "real" these discussions were, and of course it is long over now, but just imagining LeBron James getting a chance to play for the Dallas Cowboys would break the internet.

You can check out the full episode of the podcast here, and I highly suggest listening to the other episodes Arian Foster has to offer.

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