Mamma Mia, the have been busy today!

In case you missed the news this week here's what's gone down:

You can now add to that list. He has officially re-signed with the Dallas Cowboys!

There are fans who will simply shrug at this move, but it was drastically needed for the Dallas Cowboys . Consider that their best , , is coming off of a torn ACL. Then think back to the many rumors that they're expected to release Brandon Carr. The only other real points of veteran presence that they've got are and .

As you can see it's a fairly friendly deal for the Cowboys. This is yet another sign that the has got things under control for us.

Claiborne has done very little to live up to his 2012 Draft Day Hype when the Cowboys traded up to #6 Overall to take him, but he seemed somewhat rejuvenated in 2015.

You should be happy about this. So celebrate… Kool & The Gang style.

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