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Dallas Cowboys Re-Sign Wide Receiver Brice Butler

NFL players can officially sign with new teams beginning on Thursday, March 9th at 4pm ET, but the have taken care of one of their own before looking outward. The state of the position has been one that's been a little in doubt as far as the future, but that has been shored up a bit as the Cowboys have re-signed wide receiver .

“DJ Duffle” – Brice Butler's official DJ name – was acquired by the Cowboys via a with the during the 2015 season. Many thought that with a full in Dallas that Brice would ascend to the team's second wide receiver spot over in 2016, but with an completely changing due to the team's starting , things were a little different than planned.

Butler is coming off of a career-high in terms of touchdowns with three and 219 yards to go along with his first ever playoff game, so it's fair to say that 2016 was prosperous for the wide receiver from the Bay Area.

The 2017 iteration of the Dallas Cowboys will likely feature a larger role for Brice Butler as Terrance Williams is very likely to move on in the period. A wide receiver trio of Butler, , and in the slot is something that – as mentioned – fans would have been quite content with just a year ago.

One of the underlying elements of the success that the Cowboys had last season was the internal chemistry within the team. Bringing Butler back helps ensure as many familiar faces as possible along an offense that was challenging for the league's best and at one point amassed over 400 yards in eight consecutive games, a feat which only the 2007 Patriots and 2013 Broncos have accomplished.

As soon as contract details for Brice Butler are available we'll have you covered, as always, here at Inside .

RJ Ochoa
RJ Ochoa
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