Dallas Cowboys Release Owens, Make Statement

It's all about making a statement! The Cowboys, more directly and his staff are making an example of Terrell Owens. By releasing him they have sent a message to the rest of the team. That message is crystal clear! No matter who you are or how much you are being paid, the “Team” comes first. Either you get on board or you get out the door!

People such as the ever annoying Stephen A. Smith are and will continue to make claims, that T.O. was lied to by Jerry Jones, and that he feels betrayed! The fact of the matter is that never said either way what his plans were when it came to Terrell. I personally think that this organization should be commended for the approach they have taken to the off season. They have been very tight lipped and have been extremely thorough with their decision making process. These are all things that this organization has never been very good at. Most of the time they have failed miserably!

Terrell Owens has always been a phenomenal athlete, but his mouth continually casts dark clouds over him. I really thought that he had changed. The first two years of his term with the Cowboys were great! T.O. was the consummate pro, he did whatever was asked of him, even when the coach showed ZERO  respect to him (Parcells would not even call him by his name, simply called him “The Player”). However Terrell just could not keep his mouth and mental state in check. Terrell Owens forced the hand of the Cowboys, and if he feels betrayed it should not be by the hands of the Cowboys, but by his own self!

So where do we go from here? The best answer I can give you right now is one that we just talked about earlier in the week. This team is moving full steam ahead in it's venture to become “Romo Friendly”! Basically what that means is, expanded roles for players like , , , , and . I understand some fans may be in some what of a panic mode right now, but I am very excited about the future. This is going to make this team better. This will become a running team, and the passing attack will feature all of the things we have been screaming for. Removing T.O. from the equation will allow Jason Garrett to open the play book! He and Romo will no longer have the 1000 lbs. gorilla on their back demanding the ball. We all saw the effects. We all saw this prolific become completely one dimensional, with the one dimension being “Get the Ball to T.O.” I am here to tell all of you, be patient things are on the up swing! This team has and has had some very serious weapons. (I no longer have to say “the Good Roy” Thank you GOD!) will be a beast this year, mark my words! can now get back to being Tony and he will! Garrett will have him moving around much more, and he is deadly when he is on the move!

I am encouraged by what I am seeing, and I think if you all will take a good honest look at what is happening, you too will be encouraged! There are many more moves coming, so hold onto your hats!

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Written by Phillip Baggett

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