Dallas Cowboys Rookie Camp Is Upon Us

Gavin-EscobarFootball is almost upon us, free agency & the draft are in the rear view now its time for teams to gear up for their respective rookie camps. Americas team, the Dallas Cowboys, will be hitting the field this morning but before they do lets get into a couple of guys to keep a close eye on.

In the second round the Dallas Cowboys selected Gavin Escobar, the stud tight end from San Diego State, I’m anxious to see how he looks as I believe he’ll play a big part in the Cowboys offense in 2013. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think this move wasn’t just made to have a successor to Jason Witten. The Cowboys lined up 561 times in a double tight end set in 2011 producing 20 touchdowns. In 2012 that number decreased to just 329 plays & just 12 touchdowns, in my opinion that’s why Escobar was drafted.

I’ve gone on the record saying Jerry Jones saved this draft with his mid-round selections & I still stand by that. I’m anxious to see both 3rd round selections J.J Wilcox & Terence Williams. Wilcox is an extremely athletic safety who is very raw but has the potential to be elite in my opinion. Wilcox totaled 88 tackles & 2 interceptions in 2012, he does really well in the box & shows the ability to get physical in the run game. In this Tampa two scheme Wilcox may turn out to be the best player from the Cowboys draft this year.

Terence Williams led the nation in receiving yards this year, after losing Robert Griffin III to the NFL, he may be the best deep threat in the 2013 draft class. Williams gives the Cowboys the ability to move Miles Austin into the slot, where I feel he’ll be more productive, this gives him the ability to do what he does well which is catch the intermediate routes & move the chains on 3rd down.

Keep a close eye on Joesph Randle also, who knows if Demarco Murray will be able to last a full season & if not Randle will play a huge role for this team. Joseph Randle ran for over 1,400 yards & 17 touchdowns in 2012, doing so in a pass happy offense at Oklahoma State. Joseph Randle is a guy that runs really well in between the tackles & finishes runs, which is just what the Cowboys need.

The Cowboys also invited 14 undrafted free agents to camp & I believe one of them has a strong possibility of making the team. Darrin Moore is a 6’4 216 pound receiver from Texas Tech, Moore in my opinion has enough talent to not only make this team but down the line be productive in this offense. The struggle for Moore will be to prove he isn’t just a product of the system but with 92 catches, 1032 & 13 touchdowns he shows he can be productive. The biggest question is will that translate to the next level, I guess we’ll find out today.

The other invitees are Everett Daniels, wide receiver Darrin Moore and long snapper Jesse Smitherman, tight end B.J. Stewart, wide receiver Anthony Amos, tackle James Nelson, defensive end Tremayne Scott, defensive lineman Jerome Long, defensive tackle Nick Johnson, defensive tackle DiMetrio Tyson, running back Robbie Rouse, offensive lineman D.J. Hall, guard Micah James and cornerback Adrien Spencer respectively.


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