Dallas Cowboys Set To Play In Pro Football Hall Of Fame Game Against Arizona Cardinals

The found out that they would be involved in the 2017 Pro Football ’s festivities when Owner/President/ Jerry Jones was elected as part of this year’s class, but now we know that the team will be a part of it as well – the Dallas are playing in this year’s Pro Football Hall of Fame Game.

America’s Team will be kicking off against the in the first act of what ends up being sort of boring competitive play for the . Typically teams for the Hall of Fame Game are chosen to represent a particular enshrinee. The Cowboys are obviously there on behalf of Jerry Jones, and the Arizona Cardinals are there in representation of 2017 inductee .

The Hall of Fame Game will have a new look to it as well. It was announced in the final days of 2016 that – for the first time in NFL the Hall of Fame Game would take place on the Thursday leading up to the weekend. This is, of course, in response to the fiasco surrounding the 2016 Hall of Fame Game which saw the field too unfit for players after a Saturday’s worth of induction ceremonies. Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys – just like the manner that put him in the Hall of Fame to begin with – are making history once more.

With the game being on Thursday as opposed to Sunday the Cowboys’ schedule is likely to be altered by a few days, details that we’ll have for you once available here at . The NFL is an ever-changing series of events, and the Hall of Fame Game is one of the premier ones.

The game will take place on August 3rd, 2017 with the official enshrinements following two days later on Saturday, August 5th. We have yet to find out who will be Jerry Jones’ inductor into football’s most elite fraternity, but personally I think we might see the first ever daughter to do the honors.

Dallas’ appearance in the NFL’s annual kickoff will mark their 6th time playing in the Hall of Fame Game, which will tie them with the for the most. The last time we saw Dallas in this field of play was in 2013, which featured Cowboys legend going in along with former Cowboys , against the .

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