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Dallas Cowboys Should Consider Drafting Cornellius ‘Tank’ Carradine

Kim Klement- Sports

The have some very specific needs that should be addressed in the 2013 . Fans really don't care how it happens or in what order they draft players, just as long as they draft for their , and , most Dallas fans will be satisfied.

However, one of the names I haven't been able to shake recently and feel the Cowboys should seriously consider drafting is Florida St. Cornellius ‘Tank' Carradine. Carradine was well on his way to being a top 10 pick last season until he tore his ACL in late November. I know what most are thinking, Dallas needs help this year and Tank won't be able to contribute as much as another player who is fully healthy.

I can't knock the reasoning behind that but look at the players the Cowboys have gotten by drafting players who were injured in the previous year; and have proven to be outstanding picks. Carradine would be as good a pick as either of those players since he's got the athleticism, speed, strength and the quick twitch movement that would make him a dynamic force coming off the . Pairing Ware and Carradine together would make life miserable on opposing quarterbacks.

Right now the Cowboys have opposite Ware and as much as I love Spencer, he's only under a one-year deal and the Cowboys should avoid  him long term. By drafting Carradine, Dallas could have a younger, cheaper replacement all ready to go for 2014, while being a situational player this season. I understand why it's difficult to wrap your head around drafting a player at 18 who won't start in 2013 but  has shown a willingness to build for the future and Tank would make an outstanding addition.

Tank Carradine is a great prospect and even though it may take him a little more time to become the player he could be, the Cowboys need an infusion of youth and depth at defensive end. They don't have much of either and adding a player who compares to Simeon Rice makes perfect sense to me. At the very least, it's a name to watch on draft day and if the Cowboys pick him at any point in the draft, Cowboys fans should be very happy.

The Cowboys will have plenty of options when they are on the clock April 25 and Tank Carradine should be one of the players they consider drafting.

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