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Dallas Cowboys Should Learn From New England Patriots and Release Josh Brent


The time has come for the to rid themselves of . I realize this is all coming in the wake of the Aaron Hernandez incident but what better time for the Cowboys to wake up and smell the coffee?

New England cut ties with Hernandez either right after, or right before the was arrested (there appears to be two different versions of the story),  yet the Cowboys still haven't released Brent after a failed drug test saw his bail revoked and had him sent back to prison. The Cowboys have been more than supportive of Brent since his accident left friend and teammate Jerry Brown dead and he still can't stay out of trouble. Why would the Cowboys keep a player around who clearly doesn't know the difference between right and wrong?

I understand that Dallas is trying to support Brent through a tough time in his life and they don't want to abandon him in his time of need but maybe cutting Brent would give him the motivation he needs to grow up. Something has to change for Brent because even after the alcohol related incident that left Brown dead, Brent still hasn't been able to live without some kind of substance in his body. It's this lack of judgment that should make the Cowboys rid themselves of Brent.

Spare me the talk about Hernandez's case being different from Brent's because the bottom line is it doesn't matter. Both broke the law and both incidents have left people dead, through indirect involvement or not.

I could also care less if the  files a grievance against the Cowboys for releasing Brent because by keeping him they are sending the wrong message, that you can do anything you want without consequences.  and the Cowboys need to set an example to the rest of the team that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

This isn't second guessing either, I've been calling for Dallas to Brent and for a few months now but what the Patriots did should be something the Cowboys learn from. They've given the Cowboys a guide on how to deal with oft-troubled players, which should lead to Brent's release.

The Cowboys have no need for Josh Brent on the roster anymore and keeping him around is foolish.

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