Dallas Cowboys Sign 15 Undrafted Free Agents; Which Ones Should We Watch?

Brandon+Magee+-eNGmHm0fVimThe Cowboys have had an active weekend. They’ve completed a tremendous draft haul and quickly moved onto the phones to make sure they could nab some priority free agents.

This year’s free agent class has an exciting flavor to it. There have been some additions that seem to be players that have a real shot at making the roster.

Without further adu, here are the newest Cowboys via Undrafted Free Agency:


Prospects To Watch:

OLB Brandon MaGree, 5’11, 223  – MaGee is a 4.68-40 “Will” linebacker. Good instincts and all around ability make him a great candidate for a Cowboys team needing depth.

FS Jakar Hamilton, 5’11, 186  – Hamilton is a little short but he has good range and upside. Hamilton has a good resume as a punt returner.

TE/FB Paul Freedman, 6-6, 255 – Freedman is a mountain of a man with good athleticism and powerful blocking. Not much of a receiver, Freedman is your prototypical blocking tight end.

LB Cameron Lawrence, 6-2, 238 – Cam Lawrence is an instinctive player with a high motor. He is a very competent in pass coverage but needs to improve tackling technique.

CB Devin Smith, 5’11, 182 – Smith is a relatively inconsistent player. However, he has solid intangibles and instincts that make you believe that he can develop. Ball skills are slightly above average but you see where he could make more plays.

ILB Taylor Reed, 5’11, 240 – Durable tough linebacker who is productive on the field. Doesn’t do anything exceptionally well but seems to have a knack for being around the ball.


The Rest:

505e831cbc174.preview-620K Spencer Benton, 6-1, 195

CB Xavier Brewer 5-11, 190

CB Dustin Harris, 6-0, 175

SS Jeff Heath, 6-1, 209

WR Greg Herd, 6-3, 2000

OLB Deon Lacey, 6’2, 229

RB Kendial Lawrence, 5-9, 194

WR Eric Rogers, 6-3, 206

QB Dalton Williams, 6-4, 217


This is a big undrafted class that the Cowboys brought in with a big focus in skill positions. I was surprised to see that they didn’t bring in any of the undrafted offensive or defensive lineman.

Overall, I think this will be a fun class to watch with some players having a legitimate chance to make this squad. The Cowboys lack depth, that’s their biggest problem, and this draft class combined with the free agents they brought in could immediately fix that.

Let’s wait and see how it turns out.

What do you think?


Written by Bo Martin

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!


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