Dallas Cowboys Sign CB Nolan Carroll To 3-Year Deal ⋆
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Dallas Cowboys Sign CB Nolan Carroll To 3-Year Deal

Dallas Cowboys Sign CB Nolan Carroll,

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Sign CB Nolan Carroll To 3-Year Deal

Dallas Cowboys Sign CB Nolan Carroll To 3-Year Deal

After remaining dormant for almost all of the first two days of free agency, the Dallas Cowboys have gotten busy tonight. Now, they are signing cornerback Nolan Carroll to a 3-year, $10 million deal.

Tom Pelissero on Twitter

Cowboys are signing cornerback Nolan Carroll to a 3-year, $10 million deal with $4M in the first year, source said.

The seven year veteran spent his last three seasons with the rival Philadelphia Eagles, finishing the 2016 season with 55 tackles, 11 pass break ups, 1 interception, and 1 forced fumble in 16 games. Carroll had a down year in 2016, ranking 108 out of 120 cornerbacks by Pro Football Focus.

While he is certainly not a “shut down” cornerback, Nolan Carroll can be a solid addition to a secondary which may be further depleted over the next few weeks. At 6’1″ Carroll fits the Cowboys’ exact mold for what a corner should look like.

Of course, this does not stop the Cowboys from drafting a cornerback early on in the 2017 NFL Draft, or even from potentially re-signing veterans Brandon Carr or Morris Claiborne. Ideally, Carroll will be the third or fourth corner in Dallas for 2017.

During 2016 free agency, Nolan Carroll visited the Cowboys before re-joining the Eagles. A year later, the two have finally agreed on a deal. Maybe it was meant to be.

Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and am currently a college student. Lets get going.

  • https://InsideTheStar.com/ Bryson Treece

    Really happy with this signing. Bring it on, Nolan.

  • Russ_Te

    I’ll give him Carr’s job right now… ;^)

    Lots of moving parts right now in the secondary. I thought Terrance Williams was going to sign elsewhere for bigger $, but it may not have been offered apparently.

    Likewise with Claiborne. More talent than Williams per his position. But can you sink a lot of $ into him with his injury history? I think he may not get big offers, in which case you’ve got to find a few $ to keep him & also still go after that CB in the 1st round. (Assuming the top DE’s are gone)

    Wilcox has 3 teams interested, but again it’s hard to understand why he’d get a huge offer on his fledgling career so far. I want him back, starting at SS with about 15 more pounds on him.

  • Bob Jones

    We have one the worst Coaching Staff’s in the NFL, and we keep getting players from bottom feeding teams like the Eagles and Browns. Big Deal
    Frank Pollack and Leon Lett SUCK as coaches and so do the rest under Jason G, we can go name by name if you like, they all suck, Def and Off coord can not call plays, they run zone every time they need to run man on man they pass when they should run. This team sucks and will never win any playoff games, defend that !

  • Bob Jones

    What really gets me is, Romo leaving because the cap space okay i get it but, to not put him in when you saw Dak Choking, really?

    • Russ_Te

      You mean Dak’s 103.17 rating in the playoff game? Where he overcame bad defense and tied the game down the stretch after being down by 15, and it took a miracle throw from Rodgers and a long FG to lose?

      Get real. Given his finish as a rookie as the 3rd highest passer rating – only behind Ryan and Brady – Prescott is the most valuable future prospect in the NFL.

      • Bob Jones

        Any time your defense is being ran out and your offense does not get 1st downs and hold the TOP long enough for the Defense to catch their breath your Defense is going to get worn out. Our defense played more minutes by halftime then they had in any game all year long. This is and has always been the offense at fault not the defense. Our defense played better this season than they had in 20 years. No way your giving those 13 wins to Dak and not blaming Dak for the Packers loss. Dak Prescott choked the entire game and if not for Dez making a diving catch and then when Dak threw the ball right into the numbers of the defender Dez reached around and stole the ball for a TD thats 14 thanks to Dez NOT Dak. the rest of the game Dak choked 100% Period and Dak always will choke because he has always choked in big games. I said it the day we got him and im saying it now. Dak is a choking machine, great back up but will never win a Superbowl as a starter.

        • Russ_Te

          By that logic as soon as the offense goes 3 and out, the defense is off the hook for getting gashed…

          As you conceded above, the Cowboys D was blown up early in that game. Fatigue is a weak excuse for it.

          It’s your prerogative to think Dak is suspect as a QB. His numbers as a rookie, and in that game, totally disprove it.

          • Bob Jones

            the only thing got blown out was Dak not the Defense because if Dak playes lie he had all year we won by half time no matter the 1st qtr, and if Dak plays half as good as he had all season then we win by the 3rd qtr so STFU Dak choked like the monkey he is!

  • Bob Jones

    Then since were going to be in a total rebuild they try and give us this Choking Machine Dak Prescott as if hes really great when some of us knew the day we got him he was a choking machine. Dak didnt win 13 the Def won 13, and next 2 seasons will prove this. No def worth a flip, Witten and half the line gone, Dak cant save this, We bottom feeding again get ready for it.

  • Bob Jones

    The only way to stop the bleeding is to get a lot of Draft picks for the next 2 seasons, The only way to do that is to trade Dak while they will sucker for this, and then, hate to say it but, Trade Zeke like we did Walker for 2 years worth of Draft Picks. Not hard easy, but since Jones wasnt the one thought of the walker trade he wont do this, he has no balls !!!

  • Bob Jones

    But even with those draft picks, with a coaching staff that has sorry so called coaches as Marc Colombo, Stephen Brown, Frank Pollack (the idiot), Leon Lett who ruins every DT we send him, and Ben Bloom who couldnt coach a DE to save his life and the rest we cant win so this how us real fans know were going to keep sucking and not winning, we us to it.

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