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Top 5 Plays All-Time in Dallas Cowboys History

Anyone who follows the NFL on twitter, or check their website regularly had probably seen the NFL Bracketology to determine the best NFL plays ever.

For the month of March fans can go to and pick between the 64 best plays ever to determine the fans selection of greatest play of all-time.

Of course there are a few Dallas Cowboy plays you can vote on, four to be exact. So go on and support the .

This inspired me to make a list of my own, below I have described, in no particular order, what I think the top 5 Dallas Cowboys plays of all-time are.

to Hail Mary – 1975

StaubachTrailing 14 – 10 the only thing standing in the Cowboys way of  defeating the is 80 yards. Staubach is looking around desperately to find Drew Pearson. Staubach finds Pearson, Pearson caught the catch moving the Cowboys up to mid-field. There is 24 seconds left in the game and in one swift catch that looked almost effortless Pearson moved the Cowboys in to the end-zone, and in to victory. Post-game Paul Krause complained to a field judge that an interference should of been called on Pearson. Vikings fans threw debris on to the field, and at the Dallas Cowboys players enraged that no penalty had been called on Pearson. Roger Staubach was quoted saying “I closed my eyes and said a Hail Mary.”

's 99-yard TD run – 1983

DorsettJanuary 3, 1983, the Cowboys are playing the Vikings and trailing 24-13 in the fourth. Halfway between the goal line and 1-yard like took the snap and immediately Dorsett took the ball. Dorsett springs through a gap he sees between the and , suddenly he's at the 5-yard line and there's no defender for eight feet. It seemed effortless as he avoided the at the 15-yard line. Next thing you know he's at the 30-yard line and Pearson is running in front of him trying to block remaining two defenders. Dorsett escapes and attempted wrap around swatting away the defender with his left hand. He's at the End zone, touchdown. He spikes the ball and turns to embraces Pearson's hug.


A simple snap can save the game, and create a dynasty – 1993

It's early January, the year is 1993 and the Dallas Cowboys are in San Francisco. Irvin tells Harper that he was taking the slot. The 49ers were not in a zone but rather in a man . San Francisco had clearly been anticipating a handoff to , leaving Don Griffin. Harper made a quick move inside, catching the ball at the 35 and sprinting another 46 yards before eventually being taken down at the 9-yard line. At that moment, a dynasty was born.


The Mad Bomber – 1974

It's day and the Dallas Cowboys are playing the . In the days prior to the game Redskins defensive , Diron Talbert expressed to the media that they were going to knock Roger Staubach out of the game. “All they have left is that rookie.” Words I'm sure he regrets saying to this day.

Cowboys are mid-field, fourth-and-6 and Drew Pearson says to the “rookie” Howard Clinton Longley “I'm going to fake inside and go deep.” Longley liked the sounds of this. Redskins corner Ken Stone was running side-by-side with Pearson. Stone must have lacked faith in the “rookies” arm because he stopped sprinting and turned to intercept the ball probably thinking there is no way this kid is throwing 60 yards. Longley dropped back 10 yards from the midfield snap and released the ball from his own 40-yard line. The perfect throw to Pearson who finds the ball and the 4-yard line and finds the end-zone making it a tackle, and a play to remember for years to come. “It was the triumph of the uncluttered mind,” said Cowboys guard .

Staubach's simple pass to – 1978

There's not much to describe for this play, because it all happened so fast, and it was simple, yet spectacular. January 15, 1978, XII, the Cowboys lead the 13-3. Dominating all game the Cowboys should have been in command, but their momentum was starting to lack putting the Redskins back in the game. One play changed the whole momentum of the game. Roger Staubach goes deep down the middle, throwing the perfect pass. Butch Johnson finds the ball, touchdown.

As we all know these are just 5 of many spectacular Dallas Cowboy plays. I wanted to take this opportunity to start a discussion with all of you readers about what play you think the best Dallas Cowboy play of all time is. Comment and let us know your favorite plays.

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