Get excited, !

The have a new uniform that they're set to rock and roll with next Thursday, Day, when they play host to the .

The NFL debuted the newest “ tonight and while one of them belongs to the Panthers, which none of us care about, the other will grace the shoulders of !

The Cowboys have not introduced a new jersey into circulation in over ten years so this is quite the momentous occasion.

You might be wondering what happened to old “throwback” uniforms that the Cowboys used to rock on Thanksgiving. Click here for a full explanation on the subject.

When the Cowboys hit the field in seven days they'll be wearing these bad boys. They're very reminiscent of the jerseys that the team wore throughout the 1994 season, save for the 75th anniversary patch.

The jerseys are available for purchase at the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop Website or NFL Shop Website. If you just can't wait for them to be delivered you can pick one up at your local Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop or Fans United retail store.

The jerseys are available for purchase in , , or .

Hopefully these jerseys can bring the Cowboys some good fortune as they very well could be taking on the 10-0 Panthers if Carolina is able to defeat Washington this Sunday.

Go get your “Color Rush” jersey now!

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What do you think of the “Color Rush” jerseys? Which player are YOU going to get? Email me your thoughts at or Tweet to me @rjochoa!

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