Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants: 5 Bold Predictions

    Staff Writer RJ Ochoa writes Inside The Star's "5 Bold Predictions" column every week. Each version begins with a bold, true, and unbelievable story that serves as the inspiration for the Cowboys and their upcoming game.

    Technology improves our lives. I believe that.

    Every technological advancement that has happened in my lifetime seems to have made things easier for the human race. Although I will say that the chip reader thing for credit cards feels like a step backwards, but hey… technology.

    One of the greatest technological innovations, and one that I use every day, is the bluetooth speakers on cars that allow you to talk on the phone hands-free. I love this thing.

    Thanks to hands-free bluetooth technology I actually look forward to long drives. Just call someone up, adjust the volume on the radio dial, and have a pleasant conversation. Rock on!

    So this one time I'm on the phone with my cousin, we'll call him Jared, while I'm driving to get some Whataburger (if you don't know what this is… my apologies for missing out on one of life's greatest treasures). I pull up to the drive-through and I tell Jared, “Hold on. I'm about to order.”

    Cowboys Headlines - Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants: 5 Bold Predictions 2

    The Whataburger gentleman (let's call him Todd) welcomes me. Todd then asks me what I'd like to eat. I go through my order down to the most minute detail, and Todd repeats it back to me. Things are looking good for RJ.

    Todd drops the all-important drive-through question at this point – “Can I get you anything else today?”. Before I have the chance to answer, my cousin Jared's voice chimes through my car speakers and he shouts at the top of his lungs, “A LARGE DIET COKE!”.

    Todd verifies, “oh you also wanted a large Diet Coke?” and I have to make a decision here. Do I just go along with this to avoid the potential awkwardness, or do I muster up the courage to somehow get out of it? I already had a Diet Coke with my order! I didn't need another one!

    I decide to be brave, but could not avoid being awkward.

    “I… uh… changed my mind. I… don't need… the extra Diet Coke…” 

    It was horrible. And hilarious. And epic. My cousin Jared reminds me about it all the time. He was bold, when I wasn't expecting it, and it made for a great story. Here's hoping the boldness dealt to the 2016 early on in their season will also make for a great story.

    Welcome to my 5 Bold . Let's roll.

    The Dallas Cowboys Defensive Line Has More Sacks Than Odell Beckham Jr. Does Catches

    Cowboys Headlines - Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants: 5 Bold Predictions 1

    Look… these aren't called reasonable or logical predictions. WE'RE HERE TO GET BOLD! BOLD I SAY!

    Do you know how many catches has had when he's played the Cowboys? The answer may shock you. In three career games against the Cowboys OBJ has had 4, 5, and 4 catches. That's not necessarily amazing.

    When the Cowboys hosted the on October 11th, 2015 last season they picked up four total from their defensive line (one from each Crawford and two from ). This isn't as absurd as it sounds!

    If is any indicator then the Cowboys will keep OBJ at or around four catches in this contest, and if they can get after four times as a defensive line… they can surely do it against and a shaky .

    Troy Aikman's Rookie Start Is Discussed At Length

    Cowboys Headlines - Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants: 5 Bold Predictions 3

    Dak Prescott is just the fifth that has drafted, and he's the third rookie in the Jones Era that will start his very first game.

    was the first rookie quarterback to start in this era (Quincy Carter the other), and Troy Aikman is also the Color Analyst that will be on this game. Funny how that works out, isn't it?

    Troy's first start came in New Orleans and it wasn't very pretty. He was 17/35 for 180 yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions… and a loss. Womp womp womp. Surely as Dak Prescott trots (Prestrot?) out for his first series as the QuarterDAK of the Cowboys, Joe Buck will bring this moment up to Troy.

    You can see it if you close your eyes. “So Troy, you know a thing or two about this (highlights flash)… what's going through Dak's mind right now?”.

    I know what's going through Joe Buck's mind. Bam.

    Dak Prescott Will Have More Rush Yards Than Ezekiel Elliott

    Cowboys Headlines - Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants: 5 Bold Predictions 4

    What would you say if I told you that the once let a rookie go for 120 yards on the ground against them AND let a rookie quarterback go for 89 yards on the ground against them… in the same game?!

    October 21st, 2012. and . This has been done, to a degree, before.

    I've talked about at great length about how if I were the New York Giants I would be all-in on stopping . That's the best plan of action considering he's arguably the most lethal weapon that the Cowboys have at their disposal.

    We'll finally get to see the pieces that the Giants paid for this offseason in action. I believe they'll try to force Dak to beat them, but I also believe that Dak will get out of the pocket and make some great plays with his legs. I'm not saying that Zeke won't have a great game, because he will, but Dak is going to rip off some runs that make him the rookie leading rusher in this game for .

    Jason Garrett Will Beat Eli Manning On A Challenge For The Second Year In A Row

    Cowboys Headlines - Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants: 5 Bold Predictions 5

    When the Cowboys hosted the Giants in last year's season opener (which Tony Romo won in epic fashion) the game marked the first time that threw his red challenge flag in a season opener.

    The way the play originally, and incorrectly, shook out saw Eli complete a pass to Larry Donnell for 13 yards, with the ball being fumbled out of bounds and the yardage gain still counting. Jason Garrett called bologna, the play was overturned, and the Giants punted on the next play.

    We saw some weird non-calls in the NFL Kickoff Game Thursday night (sorry Cam) and we have to consider that referees are getting into the groove of the season as well. Coach Garrett is going to toss that flag right in Eli's face. Boo-ya.

    Lucky Whitehead Will Break A Jet Sweep For A 30-Yard Gain

    Cowboys Headlines - Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants: 5 Bold Predictions 6

    It's not officially a Dallas Cowboys game until runs a jet sweep. That's a rule of life.

    Cowboys Nation has really enjoyed the way that the has begun integrating Lucky into the . He has a special skillset that can be really valuable if used appropriately, and that moment is going to happen on Sunday.

    For what it's worth the last time the Cowboys played the Giants (in New York last season) they actually ran Lucky four times (15, 4, 6, and 10 yards were the individual results). He'll be a part of the gameplan and he'll take a sweep at least 90 feet. Bam.

    Bonus Bold Prediction #1

    I talked about this on OchoLive, but if you have a Bold Prediction that you want featured… Tweet it at me! Here's the first Bonus Bold Prediction for today, and I dig it.

    This is obviously assuming that the Cowboys are kicking off in the second half (so looks like we receive to start the game!) and I really like the call. There's a lot to consider with kickoffs this season thanks to the touchback rule on them moving the ball to the 25-yard line for opponents. I would love to see the Cowboys get frisky here and go for a big move like this to garner some momentum in half numero dos.

    Bonus Bold Prediction #2

    I talked with Staff Writer Jess Haynie on the RJOShow about how Dak being in at quarterback might be better for the success of Brice Butler. Dak has a better deep ball than Romo, not an indictment on Tony just the truth at this point, and that could really lend to Brice's game.

    For what it's worth Brice tied for the lead in receptions when the Cowboys were in Buffalo last season with . He had 4 catches for 74 yards during that loss, but he's at least done this before which is a good sign for Cody's boldness!

    Bonus Bold Prediction #3

    Our final bonus is a doozy, and I actually think it's the most likely to happen!

    Hands up if you know how many times Sean Lee has entered the endzone in his career. Now put them down because you're lying! The General has actually returned not one, but two interceptions for touchdowns in his career (31-yard return off Peyton Manning in Indianapolis in 2010 and 52-yard return off in San Diego in 2013).

    To make matters even more exciting… Sean Lee has also picked off Eli Manning before! All the ingredients are there, it's just time for Lee to mix 'em together for one epic product. It's happening this Sunday.

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    What are YOUR  for the Cowboys/Giants game this Sunday? Let us know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @RJOchoa!

    RJ Ochoa
    RJ Ochoa
    I like long walks on the beach, mystery novels, no just kidding those suck. The Dallas Cowboys were put on this earth for us all to love and appreciate. I do that 24/7/365. I also love chicken parmesan. Let's roll. @RJOchoa if you wanna shout!


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