Dallas Cowboys Vs. New York Jets: 5 Bold Predictions

“Rockin’ around the Christmas tree, let the Christmas spirit ring… later we’ll have some pumpkin pie and we’ll do some caroling.”

This line from one of the more iconic Christmas songs of all-time has been the subject of some serious debate between my friends and I over the last week.

If you’re rocking around the Christmas tree and letting the Christmas spirit ring, how is the first thing that you think of pumpkin pie?!

Pumpkin pie is certainly not the most Christmas-y dessert in existence – it’s not even the most Christmas-y pie that’s available!

Rock around that tree, let the spirit ring, and have some pecan pie! Or candy canes! Or egg nog! Or gingerbread cookies! I could re-write this song a thousand different ways that would be better than pumpkin pie.

I’ve actually re-written some Christmas songs before… in today’s Bold Predictions. As Christmas is less than a week away it felt appropriate to bring some holiday cheer in as we get excited for today’s contest against the New York Jets.

Let’s begin.

Sean Lee Will Have 10+ Tackles

FeLee Navidad! Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha. FeLee Navidad! Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha. FeLee Navidad! Sean Lee is so awesome at football!

Cowboys Blog - Dallas Cowboys Vs. New York Jets: 5 Bold Predictions

Sean Lee wants to wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of his heart.

The General has had quite the season in 2015. Cowboys fans have always looked to him to always make big plays and be the leader of the defense, and he’s rarely someone who disappoints.

Lee has totaled 9 tackles once this season and hit the 7 mark on three occasions. With Rolando McClain out for the game Sean is going to have to step up and contribute even more than we’re accustomed to seeing him.

This is going to be a vintage Lee game where he is just running around like a mad man and finding himself near the football. 10 tackles will be his before the clock reads triple zero.

Cole Beasley Will Lead The Team In Receptions

I really can’t see, but baby it’s Cole inside. I’ve got to throw it away, but baby it’s Cole inside. This play has changed, but baby it’s Cole inside.”

Cowboys Blog - Dallas Cowboys Vs. New York Jets: 5 Bold Predictions 1

The New York Jets bring to town one of the NFL’s finest defensive units. They’re stacked at all levels, but specifically at the defensive line and secondary.

Matt Cassel has shown time after time that he doesn’t like throwing downfield and even when he does it, it’s done with little regard to the route that his receiver is running.

The Jets are going to get some pressure on him which is going to cause him to panic a bit, and look for Cole Beasley on some clutch inside routes. Look for #11 to catch quite a few passes because for Cassel… it’s bad out there.

Gavin Escobar Will Catch A Touchdown

I… don’t want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need. Let’s start using the presents underneath our offensive tree. I just want him in the endzone. More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true… Gavin is the redzone target we should throw to!”

Cowboys Blog - Dallas Cowboys Vs. New York Jets: 5 Bold Predictions 2

There’s a guy who plays for the Dallas Cowboys named Gavin Escobar. Ever heard of him?

He’s a 6’6″ tight end who supposedly has the best hands on the team.

Yea so we’ve got this super big, super tall, and relatively fast weapon at our disposal. It would probably make a lot of sense to use him, right? Wrong!

The last time that Escobar saw some usage was when Tony Romo was under center for the Cowboys. Yes, it’s sadly been that long. Gavin even caught a touchdown from Romo back during the Week 1 victory over the Giants.

I’m calling for a Christmas miracle here in that the Cowboys finally realize that using an extremely potent offensive weapon is good for them. Gavin’s going to find the paint today.

Randy Gregory Will Get His First Career Sack

Just look at Randy Gregory wearing that silver and blue. His first sack is coming and is long and overdue. Outside the tackles he is starting to get what to do. Come on its lovely weather for his first sack or two.”

Cowboys Blog - Dallas Cowboys Vs. New York Jets: 5 Bold Predictions 3

Byron Jones and La’el Collins have made the Dallas Cowboys Front Office look like some pretty smart guys over this season. Their eye for talent is certainly on point, and that includes Randy Gregory.

The former Cornhusker has only played in nine games thanks to some injuries, but he’s starting to find his way out there. Pass rushers don’t typically develop right away in the NFL, but there’s plenty to be excited about concerning Randy.

The new 94 has come awfully close to lassoing his first career sack. There will be no more close as Randy is going to finish for the first time – with Ryan Fitzpatrick tagging along for the ride.

Dan Bailey’s Field Goals Will Cover More Yards Than The Offense

Santa Bailey… slip a football over the goalpost-shaped-tree, for me, I’ve been an awful good fan. Santa Bailey, take your time putting those kicks in flight.

Cowboys Blog - Dallas Cowboys Vs. New York Jets: 5 Bold Predictions 4

Dan Bailey is currently the bread and butter of the Dallas Cowboys offense.

As silly as that may seem, we need to appreciate Dan and his greatness. He’s only missed one kick this year… the guy is money 99/100 times.

Dan can kick from short, he can kick from far. Bailey can kick with his eyes closed or he could even kick with his hands tied behind his back. He has checked off just about every which way that a field goal can be made great.

Dan is going to do something truly spectacular during this game when he amasses more yardage via field goals than the Dallas Cowboys offense is able to via running and passing the ball. Dan Bailey for President!

RJ Ochoa on Fancred

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