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Dallas Cowboys: What’s Jason Garrett’s Job Security?



Cowboys Blog - Cowboys Week Three Meltdown: Blame The Whole Damn Team 1

When you think of the top coaches in football, the names that come to mind are Bill Belichick and Bruce Arians. Both coaches have aligned their teams for current and future success thanks to their quality drafts and their smart decision-making. To win a Super Bowl, a lot has to go right for a team. However, one of the biggest parts of the process is by stacking your team with talent and that's one thing Jason Garrett has actually excelled at doing.

The Dallas Cowboys have been an enigma over the course of Garrett's tenure. Ever since Garrett took over as the interim head coach in the middle of the 2010 season, the Cowboys have looked so good at times and so horrible at times. The blame is placed on Garrett for being unprepared and for having bad clock management issues. However, when play-calling was given to Scott Linehan and Garrett was given just head-coaching duties, things seemed to go really well for Dallas.

Perhaps the biggest issue over the course of Garrett's tenure has been is inability to manage the clock well. Time and time again, we see problems regarding challenges, clock, and timeouts. Fans see this and they also see his conservative play-calling and they are quick to judge Garrett. However, what they don't see is how much he means to the future of this team.

When Garrett was named head coach, he and Will McClay paired together to form a duo that has consistently brought in talented NFL prospects. Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin, Anthony Hitchens, and Byron Jones are a few players that have been brought in under this administration.

Dallas has made the correct decisions in the past few years and if it weren't for the injuries to major stars like Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and Orlando Scandrick, who knows where this season could've been and where it could've went? Despite the Cowboys' forgettable 2015 season, this is still a team that could make a Super Bowl run in 2016. Simply put, the coaching staff is not the reason to blame for this season's debacle.

An online sports writer for about three years now, Ryan is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. He writes about his favorite team on Inside The Star. Ryan also writes for other publications like Roster Watch, Rant Sports, and Cuse Nation. Ryan is a freshman at Syracuse University majoring in Information Management and Technology. You can follow him on Twitter @RyanRattyNFL.

  • Fatcat

    I beg to differ. …the coaching staff has most of the blame. Yeah there were start players missing but there is too much talent on this team to lose seven straight. I'm watching the Cowboys play and I'm wondering. they have a gamelan at all? Who scouted the opponents? Do they have any idea what the other team is trying to do? Also everyone was thinking that last year's offensive line was only going to carry on the same dominance this year. ..but we lost the O line coach. makes a difference. I like Jason Garrett but I think he was much better at calling plays. All he ever talks about is getting players that play the right way. .how about getting some coaches that can breakdown game film and come up with a plan of attack

  • cjprine

    I have never been a fan Jason Garrett, but I don't think this season is all on him! I look at the coordinators first! Defense….. Watching last week's defense come out fired up and actually attacking! I screamed where was that all year— to long has our dbs consistently asked to play 7 yds off receivers and letting the opposing QB pick us apart!
    Offense— I think linnehan didn't handle the transition of QBs in his game plan! IMO to vanilla and to worried of mistakes! I get risk/reward and field position but you have to be willing to throttle it

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  • DBOYZwv

    cjprineI have never been a fan Jason Garrett, but I don't think this season is all on him! I look at the coordinators first! Defense….. Watching last week's defense come out fired up and actually attacking! I screamed where was that all year— to long has our dbs consistently asked to play 7 yds off receivers and letting the opposing QB pick us apart!
    Offense— I think linnehan didn't handle the transition of QBs in his game plan! IMO to vanilla and to worried of mistakes! I get risk/reward and field position but you have to be willing to throttle it

    Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk

    That's 1 thing rod did was blitz more this past game. Look at the difference it made cousins could never get set up and throw unlike the other games . I was like you screaming where was it all year lol.

  • cjprine

    Don't worry we went right back to our normal defense. We cannot get any pressure. I say fire the coordinators!

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  • Blue Star

    I never liked Jason Garrett either. Jerry just wont fire him so easily. How the heck did Bill Callahan go the rival, Pathetic.

  • bryan08252

    I think Linehan is gone, and should be. Way too predictable. For example: jumbo package at goal line. I don't recall seeing a fake then throw to FB or TE that slipped out. It's ALWAYS a run up the gut. I think Linehan was a victim of circumstance last year. Who could screw up last year with the way the line and RB gelled? Plus you had healthy Romo. This year Linehan's flaws are showing.

    I think Rod should go too. I think the D is improved but I don't like they way it's deployed. I love Rod's fire, but you can't keep trying to get a square peg into a round hole. Our receivers NEVER press. Can we jam the opposing receivers? I saw Wilcox jam a GB receiver last night once when they came out in trips left. It was great! IIRC Rodgers had to take off running because it disrupted the pattern. More of that please!!!

    I think Garrett is safe, even though we should have won at least 2 more games without Romo. But the team plays hard for him. If Jerry didn't give him that extension last off season, he might have been gone this year. But I don't see it. If next year is a repeat of this year, he's gone.

  • Zac Fields

    Agreed with you Bryan except for Rod Marinelli. I think he's doing a fine job, but we aren't running his defense completely because we don't have the right d-backs for it. We need guys who can play zone coverage, not guys who HAVE to play man all the time because they aren't smart enough to play zone. Marinelli's defense generates turnovers in zone coverage, but that's not what he's been able to use. When they use zone coverage, our d-backs get confused and give up plays constantly.

    I think Marinelli stays for one more year and there will be an overhaul of the defensive backs this offseason. Linehan needs to go.

  • bryan08252

    Yeah Zac, I agree out DBs can't run Rod's defense. Sometimes when I write my responses, I don't make all my points or use all my reasons. Must be the old age!

  • cjprine

    If they can't run zone, then cut them! Get people that can run your scheme! Or coach them up! Our secondary has been garbage well before rod came into town!

    My problem with rod is Rodgers pretty much did the same thing against last year!! We didn't blitz, he pretty much was able to pick us apart when he needed to

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

  • maxdallasfan

    Unfortunately it's more secure than most of us want

Game Notes

Cowboys, Falcons Week 11 Injury Report

Jess Haynie



Zack Martin

The Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons are both 4-5 and playing to keep their seasons alive. It's a mutual must-win game, and both will have to try to win it without some key players. Once again, we look at this week's injury reports.

Let's begin with your Cowboys, whose report is getting longer as the season wears on:

Dallas Cowboys

  • WR Tavon Austin (groin) - OUT
  • DE Taco Charlton (shoulder) - OUT
  • DT David Irving (ankle) - OUT
  • DT Daniel Ross (calf) - OUT
  • LB Sean Lee (hamstring) - OUT
  • DT Antwaun Woods (concussion) - Doubtful
  • G Zack Martin (knee) - Questionable
  • G Connor Williams (knee) - Questionable
  • DT Maliek Collins (knee) - Questionable
  • LB Joe Thomas (foot) - Questionable

The biggest news is the guy who won't miss tomorrow's game; All-Pro guard Zack Martin is expected to play despite his knee injury from last Sunday night. The Cowboys, already dealing with Travis Frederick's absence and now health issues at left guard, could ill afford to go without Martin in such a pivotal game.

Even if he was healthy, rookie Connor Williams might have a hard time getting in the game. Backup Xavier Su'a-Filo looked like an experienced former second-round pick last week, and he may be the better player for now.

The defensive line has been hit hard, particularly in the middle. With Irving and Ross out, Woods doubtful, and Collins uncertain, Dallas called up DT Christian Ringo from the practice squad. They will also be without Taco Charlton, who could play inside some. Veteran Caraun Reid will be seeing a lot of playing time.

Sean Lee's ongoing absence has become almost an afterthought now with the stellar play of Leighton Vander Esch. We've seen in the past when missing Lee meant disaster on defense, but Dallas' first-round rookie has helped mitigate the damage.

Atlanta Falcons

  • LB Deion Jones (foot) - OUT

It's a short list for Atlanta, but the one name on it is a big one. Arguably the team's best defensive player, Deion Jones will miss the game with a foot injury.

The Falcons' injury issues have been more in players suffering season-ending injuries. Both starting guards, Andy Levitre and Brandon Fusco, are on injured reserve. Star running back Devonta Freeman is also there, and those losses help explain Atlanta's 30th-ranked rushing offense.

Both starting safeties are also on IR; Ricardo Allen and Keanu Neal. Atlanta has one of the league's worst passing defense this year without them, ranking 30th in yards allowed and 28th in opponent passer rating.

So yes, the Falcons injury report compared to the Cowboys' may raise some eyebrows. But in terms of who has most of their key guys, Dallas is arguably still better off.

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Dallas Cowboys

4 Best Candidates for Cowboys’ Next Offensive Coordinator

Shane Carter



Jason Garrett, Scott Linehan

The big word around the Dallas Cowboys lately is about Jason Garrett and the future of the head coaching job. Some have speculated that either Quarterback Dak Prescott or Jason Garrett will get axed, and the other will stay.

Owner Jerry Jones was quoted on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas about his young quarterback, putting to bed at least half of the conflict.

"Dak is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. He’s young and he’s going to get extended."

This shut the door on the idea of Prescott being replaced.

As far as Jason Garrett? Jerry Jones has been less than committed.

"I’m not in the business of backing anybody; the head coach, or offensive coordinator, I just don’t back them publicly." Jerry Jones said.

So it seems that Jason Garrett’s future is up in the air.

But what about offensive coordinator Scott Linehan? What’s held the Cowboys back this year has been the offense, and a lot of it can be contributed to their predictable play calling and inability to adapt to today’s game and its current players.

Whether or not Jason Garrett retains his job, Scott Linehan’s job doesn’t seem near as secure. His scheme doesn’t really mesh with Dak Prescott and how the offense could look. There’s only so many times you can run a three tight end set and not get furious.

Cowboys fans may want Garrett gone but they might have to settle for a new offensive coordinator instead.

The good news is that there are many options out there. Options that not only could work well with Dak Prescott, but could bring the Cowboys offense into the 2010s.

Shane Waldron

Jerry Jones once said how the Cowboys offense was like the LA Rams. If they are able to sign their Co-Offensive Coordinator, then they could be.

When Matt LaFleur left to become the Tennessee Titans OC, the job became a shared job between Waldron and Aaron Kromer. I wonder if Waldron would rather have the job all to himself?

What makes Waldron so appealing is he is also the Rams tight ends coach and passing game coordinator. Those are two areas where the Rams excel and where the Cowboys need help.

Teams are going to start copying the offensive juggernauts of the NFL and the Rams are definitely one of them. The Cowboys should do themselves a favor and get out in front before other teams beat them to it.

Scott Turner

Cam Newton is having one of his best seasons. Not only is he an MVP candidate but he’s set to have career highs in completion percentage and QBR, as well as a career low in interceptions. Cam Newton is a very talented quarterback but some of this has to be attributed to his new Quarterback Coach, Scott Turner.

The son of Norv Turner, Scott has seemingly helped mold Cam into a more accurate passer without compromising who Cam Newton is as an athletic quarterback. That has Dak Prescott written all over it.

He's got NFL lineage and a new, scary Cam Newton to add to his resume. He may not have as impressive a track record as others on here but he looks like he could be a chip off the old block and get the Cowboys where they need to be going.

Lincoln Riley

A popular head coach candidate, Lincoln Riley has shown his creativity and offensive innovation during his short time as Oklahoma’s head coach. It’s uncertain if he’ll get any real offers to be a head coach, but as an OC, he would be a serious grab.

Everyone has seen the work he’s done with Baker Mayfield and now Kyler Murray. How he’s able to incorporate different formations to open up the pass game and have the run game seem unstoppable. Just imagine what he could do with the weapons he would have at his disposal in Dallas.

It's likely that Lincoln Riley is a hot commodity for a head coach position, especially in Cleveland where he could reunite with Baker Mayfield. That shouldn’t stop the Cowboys from trying to lure him to Dallas, though. Lincoln Riley could be the real missing piece that Dallas has been looking for.

Eric Bieniemy

Another product of Andy Reid, Eric Bieniemy is the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. The former running backs coach has the experience under Andy Reid on not only how to run an offense but to use your weapons at your disposal to the fullest.

Maybe I’m over-hyping this man but when you see the work he helped put in with Pat Mahomes and how he uses those weapons around him, it makes me imagine what he can do for the Cowboy offense.

The team has no shortage of weapons and could benefit greatly from a guy like this.

If the Chiefs make it past their first playoff game, Bieniemy could become a more attractive name when it comes time for new head coaches. However, if Jerry Jones comes calling and the right offer is met, who’s to say?

If Kris Richard can be lured from Seattle to fix the Cowboys defense, Eric Bieniemy can be lured from Kansas City to fix the Cowboys offense.

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Game Notes

Cowboys Have Already Corrected Biggest Mistake From 2017 Loss in Atlanta

Sean Martin



Cowboys Have Already Corrected Biggest Mistake From 2017 Loss in Atlanta

The Dallas Cowboys play their next three games in 13 days, all critical to their hopes of winning the NFC East despite alternating wins and losses since week one. For the Cowboys to earn consecutive road wins, their first coming on Sunday night at the Eagles, they'll have to come out of Atlanta in much better shape than they did just a year ago.

As expected in the NFL, a lot has changed in this year. The Cowboys 27-7 loss at the Falcons in their first game without Running Back Ezekiel Elliott was the beginning of the end on a season that forced a multitude of coaching changes in Dallas.

The Cowboys stubbornness in allowing Falcons DE Adrian Clayborn to sack Dak Prescott six times by beating Chaz Green and Byron Bell is something they hoped to move past when new positional coaches were brought in at OL, TE, QB, and WR.

It took the team admitting that these moves below Offensive Coordinator Scot Linehan were not all correct two weeks ago for the Cowboys to see any real progress, but with their win last week there's hope that the Cowboys are the improved team expected weeks ago - arrived just in time for Thanksgiving.

Firing Offensive Line Coach Paul Alexander was the first move, as the Cowboys named Marc Colombo OL Coach and Hudson Houck his assistant. Colombo told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas this week that he has injured Center Travis Frederick on a headset during games as well.

Colombo, Houck, and Frederick have the Cowboys offensive line confident in their ability to play to their strengths, rewarded with a renewed faith in the zone blocking scheme that was forgotten under Alexander.

If the Cowboys offensive line was their first problem in last year's Falcons loss (it was), it's becoming their biggest strength at the right time in the season.

The Cowboys necessary changes didn't stop here though.

In desperate need of a play maker on the outside, the Cowboys are seeing their investment into Wide Receiver Amari Cooper pay off so far. Cooper is averaging 3.2 yards of separation on his routes this season, ahead of Cole Beasley's 2.6 yards as the next closest pass catcher.

Cooper's presence was a big part of Ezekiel Elliott's 151 yard rushing performance at the Eagles. A player that can win on the outside with ease and dictate coverage has benefited Prescott and the Cowboys game plan on offense enough to send away a first round pick.

It will be up to this "rebuilt" Cowboys offense to match the Falcons on Sunday. Atlanta is averaging 27.1 points per game this season, but a much more dangerous 32.2 at home. After a 1-4 start, the 4-5 Falcons are playing in front of their home fans for the first time in two weeks, losing at the Browns in week ten.

The Cowboys felt they'd be prepared for games like this after their offseason moves, instead needing to show the type of in-season urgency that's been rare for Jason Garrett's team. The same can be said about a Falcons team that's experienced playing with their backs to the wall much sooner than the Cowboys have this season, setting up a big NFC match up in the early slot Sunday.

Dak Prescott will be thankful that Chaz Green nor Byron Bell are protecting him, wanting nothing more than to deliver another win for the Cowboys to take into Thanksgiving against the division-leading Washington Redskins. Not all of the coaches responsible for the lack of adjustment in last year's game are gone. What the Cowboys do have are tangible new ideas from coaches that understand they need more than a win at the defending Super Bowl champions to call this Cowboys season a success.

Tell us what you think about "Cowboys Have Already Corrected Biggest Mistake From 2017 Loss in Atlanta" in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

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