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Dallas Cowboys: Will Minimal Cap Space Force Jerry Jones To Sit Idle During NFC Arms Race?

Let it be known, the Cowboys are in an arms race and they’re losing. That was evident with the news made yesterday.

You see, has committed to “winning now” so much that his bank account has finally caught up with him.  Years and years of restructured contracts and bad deals have put the Cowboys in a bind in terms of available cap space.

Before the really started the Cowboys were $20 million over the $123 million cap.  Now after a $10 million commitment to and restructuring multiple contracts the Cowboys have just enough cap space cleared to avoid being charged a luxury tax.

The Cowboys last minute scramble can only be attributed to fiscal irresponsibility.

Right or wrong, what’s done is done.  The Cowboys have to be comfortable with $12.2 million a year to for the next two years, the $16.6 million owed to , and the $8 and $9 million owed to over 2014 and 2015.  Understand that’s just a few players and all that money became guaranteed with their restructure.

Now, financially stressed, the Cowboys must not only find a way to “win now” but also win in the future.

Seattle acquired Percy Harvin and the reigning Champion acquired Anquan Boldin.  Rumors are swirling that the may be the leading candidate for and Greg Jennings is likely to land in Minnesota.

These are big moves for franchises that will be the Cowboys direct competition for a playoff berth.

So the question remains, what can the Cowboys do to right their version of the Titanic?

For years Jerry Jones has substituted player development for expensive has proven to be a masterful talent evaluator bringing draft picks like , (I believe that was Jason’s idea), , , and .  It’s time the two come to an agreement.

The Cowboys project to be tight against the cap for the next two years at least.  So it’s time that Jerry learns to trust his coach and his player development staff.

Players like , Tyrone Crawford, and Morris Claiborne are now the Cowboys future.  The Cowboys should commit to giving them opportunities to succeed and not block their ascension with aging veterans.

Essentially the Cowboys are their future on their present.  That means they need to refocus not only on their player development but also refocus on their draft strategy.

Now more than ever the best player available strategy applies.  The Cowboys aren’t just drafting for this years needs but next years replacements.  Playmakers, game breakers and overall rare players need to be the targets.

The Cowboys need to solidify their ability to contend through being patient with their team and trusting their board.  They need to save money now to ensure they can resign next year and Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith, DeMarco Murray and Bruce Carter in 2015.

It may be an arms race but the Cowboys may find their best course of action is to keep their finger off the trigger.

Bo Martin
Bo Martin
Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!

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