Dallas Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead Joins The #RJOShow

Today is Thursday so you know what that means… The RJ Ochoa Show dropped a new episode last night!

If you’re unfamiliar the #RJOShow is an All-NFL podcast all year long. As I am the host, and your loyal Inside The Star Staff Writer, there is a wee bit of an emphasis on the Dallas Cowboys, but we make sure to cover everything around the NFL.

This week there was plenty on our plate. The NFL made a few significant rule changes that needed to be discussed, and we continued our All-Division Team Series.

The All-Division Teams are exactly what they sound like… a team comprised of the best players in each division, but it’s done by position groups! There’s a Head Coach, Quarterback, Running Back Tandem (you have to pick a TEAM’s RBs), Pass Catchers (Wide Receivers AND Tight Ends), Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Linebacking Corps, and Secondary. This week the AFC North was under the microscope.

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Later in the show you can listen to an interview that I conducted with Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver, Lucky Whitehead. Lucky and I talked about things ranging from football to his favorite pregame meal and hit a few tangents that may or may not include Disney’s Wreck It Ralph.

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