The story of the 2015 Cowboys seemed to be that the dominant would hold on until late in the fourth quarter and not get a stop on a critical drive.

I've written a lot here about how that's really unfair considering that they'd hold and hold and hold… with no points being scored by their own . They'd break when they did because they were exhausted and the simply were no longer in their favor.

The season finale against the was their “breaking point” on the whole year.

All season long the Cowboys boasted one of the more underrated defenses as they held the likes of , , and the surprisingly potent in check. The “final drive” of the season was a meaningless game against the Champion Washington Redskins and they just had no more gas left in the tank.

The -less Cowboys let toss three touchdowns in the first quarter, and while they battled a little bit after that… it was all over then.

has been the darling of this season, but he did allow a deep bomb by Colt McCoy. is not without blame on that play, but it was all part of the hilarity that this game was.

had an opportunity to cash in on some contract incentives with some in this game, but he didn't get any. I boldly predicted that would pull out a hat trick of sacks, but we didn't get that either. So goes the story of 2015.

near and far were somewhat grateful for the final beatdown as it allows us to officially close the book on the 2015 season. Looking forward to 2016 there's something that needs to be known.

This defense is the real deal.

They kept this team hanging in a majority of games this season and that was with guys named , , and playing . Imagine what they can do with an offense that has throwing to ?

There wasn't much to be proud of defensively in the 2015 swan song, but as the team seemed to be “organically tanking” it hurt far less than the other games this season.

Let's be grateful that we can finally move beyond 2015 and focus on continuing to build on this defense for a great run in 2016.

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