Dallas Dominates Seattle; Is This Going To Be A Common Result?

Dallas followed up their dominating performance over the Falcons with a duplication against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Cowboys once again outplayed their opponent in all three phases of the game.  They were playmakers on offense, smothering on defense, and the special teams was the smoking gun to end the game for the second straight week.

Patrick Crayton followed a 74-yard punt return last week with an 82-yard punt return against Seattle that signaled the game’s end.

The main question that I have is: “Are you guys going to keep this up?”

Being a passionate and attentive fan is very painful when you see your team fail.  It is harder when your team beats themselves instead of being outmatched.

I believe the majority of Dallas’ losses last year were because they beat themselves.  That is agonizing because if they were outplayed, the team simply needs to draft an important player at this spot or trade for a playmaker at that spot.

Dallas has the talent, but they have not had the discipline needed to be consistent.  Without consistency, a team is not going to win championships or even get into playoffs.

Though they are showing discipline now, the bane of the Cowboys’ year is in December, and the loyal fans of Dallas have waited 14 years to see their team get back to a championship-contending level.

Is the wait going to be for nothing?

I’m truly excited by their play.  If they kept playing like they have the past two weeks, then I’d be fine with them losing a few games to bad luck or to better play by the opposing side.  What I can’t stand as a fan or analyst is sloppy play.

The greatest coaches of all time were understanding after a loss to a better team.  But no coach worth mentioning would be satisfied with the results of some of the Dallas games I have watched.

This team is almost too good to be true.

Tony Romo has thrown 120 passes without an interception and with eight touchdowns.

Miles Austin, an unknown receiver, has gained 482 receiving yards in his first three career starts.

Dallas has 17 sacks, four interceptions, eight forced fumbles and five fumble recoveries in five games after having zero in all categories for the first two weeks.

Does this sound like the Dallas team of last year?

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Written by James Williamson


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