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Dallas Pregame Preview and a Call to Fans



As we all know, Tampa Bay offers the Cowboys a solid test for their new offensive and defensive schemes. With a commonly stout defense, our offense should be able to prove whether or not it’s as proficient as it claims it can be.

Here are a few reasons why our Offense can succeed:

1) Jason Garrett is a offensive mastermind, with Felix Jones and Marion Barber coming out in a possibly sloppy day, the formations and versatility that can be created with just those two names alone are limitless. We know what to expect with this tandem, but really who can stop them?

2) Tampa has to gameplan for more receiver threats then they’re actually expecting. With the emergence of Hurd and Ogletree, the speed of Austin, and the combinational attacks of Crayton and Williams, the utilization of talented wide receivers will be evident throughout differen’t packages. They should all receive ample reps to produce. However, with the impressive and underrated talent in the receiver position, 2 other receivers produce a bigger threat. Marty-B and J Witt are great all around tight ends, who will either produce big or create a distraction and draw double teams and schemes that will allow our Wide outs to produce significantly enough to score over 14 points.

3) Lastly, Tony Romo. Earlier this week Emmitt Smith called out Romo’s leadership. I truly believe that Romo has evolved into the leader that he wants to be. That’s all we can ask. Tony Romo is a capable top 10 Quarterback who can deliver. Don’t believe me? We’ll in his 2 Season Openers he’s started in he’s undefeated. Not just undefeated but he’s been dominant. In 2007 he opened against the Giants, producing 15/24 345 yards, and 4 TD’s. In 2008 we opened against Cleveland with 24/32 320 yards, and 1 TD. In total that’s 39/56 665 yards and 5 TD’s. That’s a total passer rating of 136.97.

Oh and last time Romo played the Bucs? 22/29 305 yards 5 TD.

As for the other side of the Ball. Byron Leftwich will lead an inconsistent offensive unit. Antonio Bryant will likely produce, but Cadillac Williams is a great unknown.

Here are a few Reasons why our Defense will succeed:

1) Byron Leftwich has an unusually slow release. With an offensive line that is barely mediocre, the likelihood that the Cowboys star studded linebackers will be knocking on the door all day, is highly likely.

2) Byron Leftwich has an unusually slow release. With all that time to read the Quarterback, Our coverage units could have a field day. Not saying it’s going to be pick central, but I expect some good defended passes and a pick or two.

3) Our Defensive lineman, are run stopping, QB droppers. They will dominate TB’s O-Line and create nightmares for Cadillac and Ward.

Last Word

Listen I’ve been doing some looking around lately. All I see is pessimism, from fans, Dallas/sports reporters, and even people close to the organization. This is what I say, we are Cowboys Fans, we are supposed to be loyal and supportive of a team that brings us so much. If you are just rooting for the cowboys when they win, or disowning them when the screw up, then the bus stops here. I don’t want to hear your stupid pessimism and your ridiculous claims. You aren’t playing football, you’re sitting on your couch with a beer, a brat, and maybe a PS3 controller contolling your Madden Superstar. The point is, if you’re a fan, love and support your team. If it’s hard to do that and you can’t be a tad optimistic, shut up and color.

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!

  • Chad

    “Jason Garrett is a offensive mastermind”

    Haha. This article has lost all credibility.

  • Jonathan

    Chad, I can certainly understand your point. That particular line stood out to me, as well. But on the other hand, it’s a tad bit early in his career to argue either way. Let the results of the game tomorrow sway your vote. Despite that brief point of conjecture, he actually has accurately assessed this game. Leftwich is notorious for his slow release. In fact, I’m having a hard time understanding why a West Coast offense even gave Leftwich the time of day. Don’t get me wrong, I think in the right system, Leftwich could be effective; but he is the furthest thing from a West Coast QB currently playing in the league, in my opinion. I’d say Tampa is biding their time with Byron until they can either draft a QB more suited for their offensive scheme or pick one up in Free Agency next year. Either way, I too am looking for a day that leaves Leftwich with a lasting impression of how the sky looks. In fact, with Spencer manning the other side of the line from Demarcus Ware, I’d say we could expect a year that comes fairly close to trumping last year’s sack production.

  • Joe C

    The true test is gonna be if Romo can FINALLY carry on that dominance into Nov/Dec….. but fuck all the haters saying the Cowboys aren’t gonna do anything this year. Was watching NFL Network earlier today and the topic came up “Are the Cowboys flying under the radar?”…. Of course they all said no, including ex-buc warren sapp…. I just laughed and turned the t.v. off….. im def. stoked for tomorrow, and def. will have BEER IN HAND come 1pm.


  • Jonathan

    For some reason I cannot see my latest comment but to expound briefly on what I wrote, I don’t think we can truly judge Jason Garrett by 2007 or 2008. In 2007, my fading fast memory of the year remembers most of our bigger play’s coming from time’s when the orginal play called was busted and Romo was forced to create. In 2008, I think Jason felt a general pull towards trying to keep T.O. happy, so he could avoid the lockerroom melt down that was eminent regardless of his efforts, and he was having to compensate for quite a few injuries that hampered his options in the playbook. For instance, with a wet paper towel for an offensive line, injuries hampering is star TE Jason Witten, and a hobbled RB crew, he had to completely shift from what he wanted to do into play’s that protected the latter mentioned player’s and still catered to T.O.’s “I love a whole lot of me” personality. As we saw, it wasn’t a recipe for success, but considering the aforementioned, success was a tall order.

    No, 2009 will be Jason Garrett’s true test. If he allow’s himself to get sucked into being one-dimensional with that pass-happy offense he likes to call, I’ll be in line with the rest of you, egg’s in hand.

  • Jonathan

    Joe C – Don’t expect that speculation to change if the Cowboy’s dominate the Buc’s; most analyst are picking the Cowboy’s to win here anyway. I’m sure they already have a built in excuse for the Giant’s losing to the Cowboy’s, likely admitting that the Giant’s weren’t who they thought they were, before saying the Cowboy’s are a strong unit. No, most will be waiting to see how they fair in December, considering this uncanny trend for the Cowboy’s to falter during the latter month’s of the season.

    However, on the same network, watching the NFC Playbook, the former offensive lineman, not sure what his name is, has already predicted the Cowboy’s will be in Superbowl 44, placing special emphasis on the Cowboy’s trio of RB’s as a big part of his reasoning. And Randy Galloway, the great detractor of all analyst, have the Cowboy’s going deep into the playoff’s, and he’s a bit up in arms about the national media’s general snub of the Cowboy’s, pointing in particular to ESPN’s recently released Power Rankings placing the Cowboys at 17. Furthermore, Romo doesn’t even make the Top 12 for QB’s in the league. It’s ridiculous; but this is exactly how the Cowboy’s need to be treated until that can actually win a play off game. I realize it can be frustrating to watch the mediots cling desperately to the status quo that was, for the most part, created by these same analyst being dead wrong about the last year, but it is what it is and their opinion’s mean absolutely nothing when it comes to the actual outcome of game’s; as last year should serve as a fairly convincing reminder.

  • Bryan Martin

    Jonathan I couldn’t agree more. Expectations cause pressure, no pressure this year…thats fine with me. The boys should flourish now that they can focus on silencing the critics.

  • Jonathan

    Okay, so the Buc’s aren’t exactly who we thought they were; or in my case, who I hoped they were. They are defying the odds, given the amount of changes there were made. But I still don’t think these Bucs can close this game out. I’m looking for a much cleaner performance in the second half. The opening-game jitters should be put to bed, and we will start to see what this Cowboy’s team is really about.

    • bags030404

      Unfortunately I have not been able to watch the game but from what I am hearing, the Boys have opened a large can of “whoop Ass” in the second half! And can we please now drop the Roy Williams is not a number one talk?

  • Joe C


    First half was, to me, shaking off the rust coming off from last season, but second half the Boys unleashed the fury on them. How bout Romo with a career day? Our D needs to work on a few things here and there, but damn, I cant wait the Giants next weekend!!!!

  • Bryson Treece

    Absolutely! Roy Williams stepped up and looked just like he did in college today. Good hands, strong, big, physical, so yeah, enough talk about him not being a number 1 receiver. And how about Crayton stepping up and taking it to the house like that? He had a couple of good catches for long gains.

    Romo did good too. He did have the jitters to start with, but got those out with 1:03 to go in the second quarter.

    I’m worried about Sensabaugh and Ware though, neither made an impact after they each came off the field for an inury, though I believe both returned. We went to a our second team defense damn early.

  • Joe C

    Yeah there sayin Sensabaugh has a “rib injury”, so we will see.

    Just a side note, I was reading the blogs over at and looking at the comments. I have come to the conclusion that there aren’t but a handful of true Cowboys fans there, there is about 150 NEGATIVE comments compared to like 10 positive. WTF?

  • Jonathan

    I haven’t looked at, but if I had to guess, the general consensus would be the Cowboy’ performance today would not have worked well against our interdivisional foes. The vast majority of our scores today came from blown coverages. I wouldn’t count on that happening against the Giants next week. Hopefully, the Cowboys can right the ship between now and next Sunday.

Game Notes

Why The Seahawks Will Be Looking Into A Mirror Against The Cowboys Sunday

Kevin Brady



Sean's Scout: Starting Front 7 Sets Tone Early, Cowboys Depth Falters in Loss to Bengals 1
AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth

For the better part of the last decade one defense has reigned supreme over the NFC. One defense has continually put their offense and team in position to win big games, including a dominant Super Bowl win over one of the more productive offenses in recent memory.

That defense, of course, belonged to the Seattle Seahawks.

With a secondary deemed as the "Legion of Boom" and a defensive line which rotated through Pro Bowl level talent routinely, the Seahawks bolstered one of the best defenses the NFL has ever seen. A defense which perfectly complimented the physical, run first philosophy their offense lived by.

Players like Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Michael Bennett, and Bobby Wagner will arguably be Hall of Famers one day, and they wreaked havoc on the conference for a strong 3-5 year stretch.

Now, however, things are changing.

Gone are many of the elite players which once bolstered the Seattle defense to top-tier status, and while some big names remain, the talent level simply isn't the same. The Seahawks missed the postseason a year ago, and now sit at 0-2 before their home opener today against the Cowboys.

Their window looks to be closed, while their opponent today is looking to build their defense (and team) in the mold of what once was in Seattle.

Former Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard has come to Dallas and brought with him a more aggressive defensive philosophy, one which he deployed successfully with the Seahawks. Under Richard the Cowboys are blitzing more often on third down than they have in the past under Rod Marinelli, they're utilizing more single high safety looks, and they are allowing their long and talented corners to do what they do best in coverage.

The Seahawks once leaned on a deep pass rush and long, physical secondary. The 2018 Cowboys are looking to do the same thing.

The Seahawks once leaned on a mobile quarterback to make plays with his feet while relying on a strong running game and one of the league's best backs. The 2018 Cowboys are looking to do the same thing.

Byron Jones and Chidobe Awuzie look like they were molded in a 2013-Seahawks lab as cornerbacks, and DeMarcus Lawrence is as productive as any pass rusher those defenses had. Of course, we aren't able to say the Cowboys have the consistent front four depth that those Seattle teams did or that they have the single high safety of Earl Thomas' caliber, but the preliminary pieces are clearly in place.

Today the Cowboys look to improve to 2-1 with a conference road win. But, they also look to bury the Seahawks in the past and take another step towards cementing themselves as one of the elite defenses in the NFC.

It won't happen over night, but anyone can see that the potential is there.

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Player News

Could Cowboys DT Datone Jones Earn Starting Role with Maliek Collins Out?

Sean Martin



Could Cowboys DT Datone Jones Earn Starting Role with Maliek Collins Out?

Dallas Cowboys Defensive Tackle Maliek Collins is out for Sunday's game at the Seahawks with a sprained knee, further opening the door for Datone Jones to earn his spot among the "Hot Boyz". The moniker given to the Cowboys front seven this season, the team's depth up front has been a strength in totaling nine sacks through two games.

Last season, Datone Jones was a part of this rotation late in the year. Coming on strong at the 3T position while Maliek Collins played at the 1T, Jones is the type of versatile defender with veteran experience that Rod Marinelli can get the most out of.

Returning from a knee injury himself, Jones may take some time to be the disruptive interior player we saw at the end of 2017. Through two games, the Cowboys had played Collins at his original position of 3T, with Antwaun Woods doing more than enough to continue playing at 1T.

This potentially makes Collins and Jones two players fighting for one spot. Collins followed up his performance at the Panthers with a sack of Cam Newton by constantly playing in the Giants' backfield last week.

John Owning on Twitter

Guessing that means no Irving, I'd say Tyrone Crawford then Antwaun Woods. I have high hopes for Datone Jones once he returns though.

A player determined to not let his team's misuse slow down his progress, after an incredible rookie season at 3T, Collins is returning from his second broken foot in three years.

Through his five years in the NFL, Jones has only played a full 16 games once.

The most games Datone has started in a season is four. Maliek Collins should like his chances of playing over Jones once both are healthy, and the Cowboys should be equally thrilled with the opportunity to keep both fresh in rotation.

Following Sunday's game in Seattle and next week against the Lions, the Cowboys can return David Irving from suspension to play all over their defensive line - his best position also being at three technique.

Without the wealth of talent they now have at all four positions up front, the Cowboys have had too many bodies to fill similar roles in the past. Thanks to the addition of Kris Richard along with strong edge play from Taco Charlton and rookie Dorance Armstrong, the Cowboys defensive line can do no wrong in 2018, and using Jones in week three and beyond should only add to this.

The Cowboys biggest key to success against the Seahawks will be containing Russell Wilson. Pressuring him in his face to collapse the pocket gives Dallas a chance to really slow the Seahawks offense, something they'll be relying on Jones to help them do as DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory also work with favorable match ups at defensive end.

Tell us what you think about "Could Cowboys DT Datone Jones Earn Starting Role with Maliek Collins Out?" in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

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Dallas Cowboys

Could a Cowboys Win VS Seahawks Spark an Earl Thomas Trade?

Mauricio Rodriguez



Are the Dallas Cowboys Done Pursuing FS Earl Thomas?

As we enter week 3 of the 2018 regular season, we might be entering the next important date in the Earl Thomas conversation. It's been such a wild narrative ever since the Seattle Seahawks' safety asked Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett to "come get him" and the end of this talk is not close. The trade deadline won't come until October 30th. Only then will we be able to put this conversation aside until the 2019 Free Agency arrives.

After all that's happened, including the Cowboys offering a second round draft pick for Thomas, it may come off as optimistic to expect Thomas will wear the Star in 2018. However, when the Dallas Cowboys visit Seattle today, a victory on the road could spark the trade we've been discussing since December. 

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

The #Cowboys and #Seahawks haven't spoken about Earl Thomas since before he return. Some in the Cowboys organization hope to restart talks today. Seattle would have to be blown away to even consider it.

Ian Rapoport reported today that trade talks ended between both teams after Thomas returned to the team just before the season began. The Cowboys, according to the NFL Network reporter, "hope to restart talks today."

It only makes sense, right?

The Seattle Seahawks are not re-signing the All-Pro safety. It's not happening. Thomas is clearly unhappy with the situation and hasn't been afraid to show it in social media. Shortly after returning to the Seahawks, he went as far as posting that "the disrespect has been well noted and will not be forgotten."

If the Seahawks lose today against the Dallas Cowboys, they'd be 0-3 in a division where the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers are the favorites. It'd be really difficult to bounce back into the  playoffs if they open their year with three straight losses. Even more with a very bad offensive line.

If their season comes to a point where all seems lost, why keep Earl Thomas? Why would they wait until free agency next year to let him go instead of getting compensation now? The Dallas Cowboys have already offered them a second round pick earlier this month, according  to reports from ESPN's Adam Schefter. It'd be very hard to understand if they open their season with three losses and still refuse to trade him for a second rounder, considering they don't want to give Thomas an extension.

Kam Chancellor's Seahawks Career Ends, Will Earl Thomas be Next to Leave? 2

The Cowboys and the Seahawks' front offices will be in the same building today, making this even more intriguing. The Seahawks will have the Cowboys out of their way, meaning they wouldn't face their All-Pro safety if they trade him after today's game. This is without a doubt a very important chapter in the Earl Thomas' trade discussion.

So far, the Dallas Cowboys defense has looked legit, ranking as the NFL's third best in points allowed. However, the team is familiar with losing in key moments against elite quarterbacks. Thomas could take this unit to the next level, and put the defense in a very good position to lead the Cowboys to the playoffs and beyond.

For now, Thomas will wear a Seahawks uniform and play against the team in which he might eventually end up. As if the game that's going to be played on the field wasn't enough action, Cowboys Nation will be wondering what's being talked about by both front offices inside CenturyLink Field.

Tell me what you think about "Could a Cowboys Win VS Seahawks Spark an Earl Thomas Trade?" in the comments below, or tweet me @MauNFL and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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