Dallas @ The Skins: Keys to the Game

For all you doubters out there, fair weather fans, “Romo-Haters”, and Wade burners… It’s time to say I told you so. 180 Days before today I was calling all you fair weather fans pathetic, calling that the Cowboys will make the playoffs.  Last Saturday night, the Cowboys showed us that they have the potential and talent to beat any team in the league with the handling of the NFL’s underfeated New Orleans Saints.  Not even a week released from the most difficult challenge of the season, and we already face a new challenge, a must win challenge.

On Sunday night the Dallas Cowboys head to Washington D.C. to play the Washington Redskins in a divisional “must-win”.  Despite the Cowboys being able to push away the December slump, it doesn’t make this battle any less difficult.  It also doesn’t ease the spirit of Tony Romo who has played brilliantly this month in particular.  The Redskins are a team who love to spoil, and though they didn’t do that against New York last week, they have the potential and they are to be watched.  Luckily the Cowboys head into this game fully aware of the urgency needed and healthier then they were last week when they dismantled the Saints.

So without further ado, we’ll look at this weeks “Keys to the Game”:

1)    Avoid the Trap: The first thing the Cowboys must do to leave D.C. with a “W” is to not under prepare by looking ahead to the eagles and expecting this to be an easy win.  The narrow 7-6 victory earlier this season should be a reminder this is no walk in the park.

2)   Balance the Attack: Washington must be kept unaware defensively.  That means Jason Garrett needs to give a healthy dose of our dominating running game along with the steady big plays by Romo and the receivers.

3)   Stop the Run: We need to force Jason Campbell to win this game on his own, if we can stop any running game influence on our defensive gameplan , it would benefit us greatly.

4)   Dial Up DeMarcus: It seemed as though DeMarcus Ware was back in full force Saturday despite a breath taking neck injury.  It’ll once again be up to Ware to help pressure the quarterback and keep Campbell uncomfortable.


As the Cowboys head to D.C. things will be tough but as long as they keep focused they should win this one.

Dallas 20 Washington 13

What do you think?


Written by Bo Martin

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!


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