Dallas vs. Detroit: Key Match-ups


The Dallas Cowboys are on a two game winning streak but don’t expect the wins to start coming any easier.

Dallas travels to Detroit to take on the Lions who are playing some good football this year. This should be a pretty evenly matched game with each team having their share of explosive players.

Here’s a look at just a few of the key match-ups this week.

Calvin Johnson vs. Brandon Carr

What can you do to slow down Megatron? You can only do so much against one of the most physical dominating players in the league. Thankfully, Carr will have a lot of help in trying to hold Johnson in check.

The new defensive schemes the coach Monte Kiffin has brought to Dallas will keep the one-on-one battles between Carr and Johnson at a minimum but still expect Carr to follow Johnson wherever he goes on the field.

Carr has been playing phenomenal football the past couple of weeks. Last week against the Eagles Desean Jackson was a non factor, due largely to the play of Carr. He’s been playing tough, physical defense, and wide receivers haven’t much if any success against him this year.

However, Calvin Johnson isn’t Desean Jackson or any other receiver Dallas has gone up against this season. He’s considered the best receiver in football and for good reason. He can out-jump and out-muscle just about every defensive back in the league.

It will take a strong team effort for Dallas to hold Johnson in check. The slight edge in this matchup goes to Megatron.

Sean Lee vs. Reggie Bush

This is probably the most important individual matchup in this game. Dallas has struggled covering running backs in the passing game this season although they did a good job defending Lesean McCoy last week.

Reggie Bush has taken the Lions offense to a new level. He’s playing spectacular football since finding a new home in Detroit. What makes Bush a very dangerous player is his ability to play like a receiver. He can run routes and catch passes as good as any back in the league.

Sean Lee will have the job of keeping an eye on Bush. Lee was closing fast to makes stops on the running game last week. It’s what he does best and he’ll need to continue that this week against the Lions.

When Bush leaves the backfield to become a receiver is when Lee’s task will get tough. That’s when the teamwork comes into play. If Lee can keep yards after the catch to a minimum, he can count on safety help if the Lions try to send Bush on a deep route.

The slight edge goes to Lee in this matchup. Dallas held Lesean McCoy in total check last week and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to contain Bush as well.

Dez Bryant vs Calvin JohnsonZemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

Now obviously these two guys don’t directly go up against each other. But the comparison is impossible to stay away from. Both are explosive receivers that can outmatch most players based on pure athleticism.

I think that Bryant will surpass Johnson in the long run but right now Johnson is widely considered the best in the business. Bryant does have a better group of players around him and I’d give a slight QB edge to Tony Romo.

Either way it will be fun to watch how these two receivers play and compare their stats as the game progresses. This will be a very even matchup and possibly a very entertaining game

What do you think?


Written by Shaleni McBain


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