Dallas vs New York Giants Week 1 Wrap Up

To say Sunday night’s game was a bit sloppy may be an understatement. But all that matters is there is a “W” in the win column rather the dreadful “L” that the Giants have been so quick to distribute to Dallas in years past.

This is the first time in many years that I can say the Dallas defense won the game for them. The story of the game was the Giants inability to get anything going without a turnover.  Eli manning played uncharacteristic of himself outside of the few bombs he threw to Victor Cruz, due to the few mistakes in coverage by the newly implemented Monte Kiffen defense.

DeMarcus Ware made a statement, when he intercepted Manning’s pass on the first play of the game. This was the first of three picks thrown by Manning. The Giants shook off their first turnover and began driving before Barry Church forced a fumble and was recovered by Dallas to cut-off the Giants attempt to score once again.  Safety, Will Allen took part in the charity as well when he intercepted another badly thrown ball in the first half.  The biggest of the three interceptions came with just under two minutes left in the game, when Brandon Carr stopped the Giants drive cold in its tracks with a 49-yard pick six. This saved a potential game winning drive and propelled the Cowboys to a week 1 win.

The Cowboys offense was by no means where it can and will be, but they did what they had to do to win. Romo found his targets and played within himself.  Miles Austin looked like the Miles of old, grabbing 10 receptions for 72 yards. If you didn’t watch the game that might not seem like that great of a game, but many of his catches came on crucial third down conversions.

Romo also fell back on ole’ faithful number 82, Witten reeled in 8 catches and two of which were touchdowns. New York seemed to some how forget that Witten lives off the 7 to 8 yard hitch routes… he made his living off of practically the same route all night.

A problem that has plagued Dallas for years is the play of its offensive line. Overall for a first outing  they played good, with the exception of few missed assignments. One of which took the breath not only out of Tony Romo but every Cowboy fan watching the game. Luckily it was determined he only got the breathe knocked out of him. This however could have just been Tony being Tony again and doing his best Brett Favre impression and toughing it out.

For all of the Cowboy faithful out there playing fantasy football, I’m sure you have one or maybe both Dez Bryant and or DeMarco Murray on your team. If this is the case you may have been a bit disappointed checking their point totals this morning. But there is one thing you have to remember, Dez drew double coverage all game and the Giants emphasized stopping the run early. This is why Miles Austin and many of the secondary receivers caught so many balls.  Bryant and Murray will have their breakout games but for now, Romo and the offense have to continue taking what they are given.

Looking forward for the Cowboys, they will have to continue their stingy defensive mindset, and establish a running game as they travel to Kansas City next week.  They will be facing a highly improved Chiefs team under Andy Reed who probably knows the Cowboys, just as well as anyone. It should be a fun game to watch, Dallas has all the weapons to move right through their schedule with no problem, and winning in week one was a good start.

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Written by Leif Johnston


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