Take It or Leave It: A look at Dallas Day

Dallas Day is coming up and you’ll find a lot of people blubbering about why more big name prospects aren’t invited. The truth is that Dallas Day is a diamond in the rough. This is what you get; You get a chance to feel out local prospects who are predicted lower round picks and some unknown players to fill key needs. This is a blessing. Look at Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin, and a guy you might be familiar with…uhh I think his name is Tony?—All Players who were not looked upon as game breakers, but have developed amazingly.

These players aren’t worse in caliber, just because they are a PREDICTED lower round draft choice doesn’t mean that they can’t compete and a ridiculously high level. College Football is a complex structured maze with turns and loops unknown. It’s impossible to scout all players, some great players are playing for lower division schools and won’t even be seen. It’s honestly a flawed system.

This year the Cowboys don’t have any true pressing needs so they’re in position to take the “best available” player. However, we can surely identify some points of interest in Quarterback, Defensive Line, Wide Receiver, and Safety. These can be addressed at Dallas Day with prospects like Lendy Holmes (FS, Oklahoma), Rhett Bomar (QB, Oklahoma/Sam Houston), Henry Melton (DE, Texas) and Thomas White (WR, Baylor).

White runs a 4.5/40 yard dash, and has put up 20 reps of 225 lbs. Bomar finished his season with a 136.27 passer rating, 3405 yards and 27 TD’s. Lendy Holmes runs a 4.6/40 yard dash, and finished his season with 78 solo tackles and 5 interceptions and Finally, Henry Melton showed improvement this season with 4 sacks and 45 total tackles.

I know reading through those stats may be mildly unimpressive and boring, but the truth is that there is talent out there. The cowboys don’t have to may chances to draft big name players so they need to make their picks count and Dallas Day is the next step towards the future of this franchise. Take it or Leave it.

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Written by Bo Martin

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!


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