Dallas’ new Safety Arrested

Was Dallas's new racially profiled? From what I found out He was. Gerald Sensabaugh was minding his own Business getting a hair cut. While he was in the barber shop a police officer Amanda Lunsford of the Kingsport P.D. said she saw a  2008 Black Bentley that looked lout of place so she ran the tags.

Kelly Cales writes:

That car, a 2008 black Bentley is what made Officer Amanda Lunsford suspicious when she saw it driving in downtown Kingsport.

“Police officers I think are naturally inquisitive,” said Kingsport Deputy Chief David Quillen. He said Officer Lunsford simply did her job by running the tags on the Bentley.

“It could have been an older beat up vehicle in more affluent section of town, maybe they're lost or turned around or maybe there up to something,” said Quillin.

When Lunsford found Sensabaugh's license was suspended for multiple violations and failure to satisfy a citation, she made the call to the Dobyns-Bennett grad.

That's even though the car was parked.

Inside the Crew Cut Barber Shop, located at 806 E. Street, is where Sensabaugh sat getting his hair cut before Lunsford came inside and told him he was going to be arrested for a suspended license. She did let him finish getting his hair cut before he was taken into custody.

Ok so a Black man in a barber shop getting his hair cut and because he drove to the shop on a 2008 Bentley that was suspicious. Well here is hoping Sensabaugh's Play this coming year is suspiciously good.

Gerald Sensabaugh | #43 | DBHeight: 6-0   Weight: 204   Age: 25

Born: 6/13/1983 Oakland , CA

College: North Carolina

Experience: 5th season

High School: Dobyns-Bennett HS [Kingsport, TN]

Let me know what you think…


Written by Michael Fulfer

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When did this happen?


It happened in February.
It’s one of like three times he’s been arrested. One for possession of a firearm, he was also arrested for reckless/dangerous driving on his motorcycle, and for this.
It’s a judgment call to say he’s trouble, which I am not sure if I’m happy about the signing or not, but his stats seem pretty damn solid. Not the greatest out there of course, but a damn shot better than Williams and Hamlin, KD etc. etc.


I just hope he can play.

Safety headed to big D?

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