#DALvsSEA Inside The Star Staff Predictions For Week P3

Howdy, howdy Cowboy fans. You know what today is, don’t you? Game day! The Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks go head-to-head this evening in the 2016 preseason dress rehearsal.

What can I say? We’ve had two solid weeks of quarterback play so far and Tony Romo has hardly played. But he’s looked ready to go in the little time he’s had on the field this preseason. We’re looking to see Tony get more extensive playing time in tonight, but the bigger story is young gun Ezekiel Elliott will break his preseason no-show record tonight. That’s right, Zeke Elliott is ready to go, too!

So let’s get to our staff predictions for this week.

Brian Martin (Cowboys 28 – Seahawks 17)

The Dallas Cowboys’ high-powered offense against the Seattle Seahawks defense will make for a good dress rehearsal for the starters.

I think the offense will come out and put points on the board early, being led by Ezekiel Elliott, who will finally make his NFL debut.

The Cowboys defense has been playing better than expected and will do just enough to disrupt quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seahawks’ struggling offense.

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John Williams (Cowboys 31 – Seahawks 27)

The Cowboys’ offense will continue to roll as Tony Romo gets more of his rhythm and timing down. Like a Latin dance, Antonio Romo will be En Fuego.

When Dak Prescott comes in with the backups, we’ll get to see more of his elusiveness as he continues to drive the ball down the field with veteran-like poise.

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Sean Martin (Cowboys 27 – Seahawks 31)

The Cowboys are entering hostile territory for their preseason dress rehearsal against the Seahawks in Seattle. With plenty of their own questions left to answer, I think they’ll fall just short on the scoreboard.

But Cowboys Nation will be left buzzing about players making their debuts, like Ezekiel Elliott and Maliek Collins, along with seeing more of Tony Romo and Dak Prescott under center.

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Justin Grohowski (Cowboys 24 – Seahawks 28)

Ezekiel Elliott makes his much-anticipated preseason debut and flashes some of what Cowboys fans have been waiting for.

The connection of Tony Romo to Brice Butler steals the show, though, hooking up for a touchdown and a few other big completions. Overall, the Dallas defense gets exposed by Seattle’s balanced offense and fails to get after Russell Wilson.

Dak Prescott continues to play well in the second half, but finally comes back down to earth, committing his first turnover of the preseason.

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Bryson Treece (Cowboys 31 – Seahawks 28)


Finally! We’ve all been sufficiently pacified this preseason by Dak Prescott’s incredible play. But enough is enough. We’ll surely be glad to see him in the second half, but for the first two quarters of football, we’re going to be on the edge of our seats for most of our starting offense, including a first-look at Ezekiel Elliott. Tony Romo will be there, along with the line, Jason Witten, and all but one receiver.

Dez Bryant will miss tonight’s game against the Seattle Seahawks with a concussion. Overall, I feel like the Cowboys will pull out a win in my first predicted win of the preseason.

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Staff Writer Sean Martin has the game info covered for tonight in his Team Itinerary & Broadcast Information. Looks like the NFL Network is covering the game for the national audience, but isn’t tuning in until 10 PM CDT, meaning the first hour will have already passed. Boo on them!

For everyone else, Let’s Go Cowboys!

What do you think?


Written by Star Staff

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