Darren McFadden: What Does This Mean?


Great news, guys! , , , , , and our new army of fullbacks (the recently signed Jed Collins and Ray Agnew) have a new to block for!

was signed to a two-year contract Friday morning. Woo pig sooie! Jerry and Co. have only been chasing DMC since the 2008 (and actually drafted his Razorback backfield buddy that year). Darren joins the current Cowboy committee of , , and . What does this mean?

It means a handful of things:

  • will be implementing a “backfield by committee.” We'll see who survives and what happens with Joseph Randle's off the field issues, but along with a rookie that we snag…we're spreading the rock. carried the ball almost 38493 times, but we'll be splitting that up among these dudes.
  • We will absolutely be drafting a running back. I highly doubt that Arian Foster will reprise his role of Ray Jennings from last year's unimpressive Draft Day, but we will overcome. I don't have to tell you that this year's draft class is loaded at RB like a pistol, and there's a kid out there who's going to look damn good with a Star on his helmet.
  • We're all going to really enjoy the . Every single one of these running backs has something valuable to offer this team. That's not me being nice, I'm a huge jerk in the preseason. These guys are going to duke it out for every single RB roster spot, and it's going to be fun to watch.
  • The is incredible. Dude. Think about it. We just let the NFL's reigning rushing champion, the reigning AP , the guy who had the most statistically successful year running the rock for the Dallas Cowboys than anyone has EVER had…walk away. TO A DIVISION RIVAL. Let's all get in line behind these RBs and take turns running behind them. Anyone who gets anything less than 20 yards isn't doing it right. These dudes are the real deal.

Darren McFadden will bring a certain level of excitement to our backfield. The guy's got a spring in his step and has the potential to do something special behind the line. He's a great, and inexpensive, chance to take and could be the thing we look back on next February and say, “Thank God we did that.”

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