Does DE Damontre Moore’s Apology Show Maturity?

Damontre Moore was recently slapped with a two-game suspension for a DWI that occurred in December 2016 as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. That’s not the best way to start things out with a new team, but what he said in a recent interview proves that he is maturing as an individual by taking accountability for his past actions.

“I made my bed and now I have to lie in it,” Moore said, via The Dallas Morning News. “I just wanted to apologize to the Cowboys organization and the fans for my past even following me. I also want to show them by coming here and working hard each and every day that I’m here to…make the best of this opportunity.”

For Damontre Moore to step up and take accountability for shining more negative light on the Dallas Cowboys to me signals that he is improving upon one of his character flaws which has haunted him in the past. Those character flaws has resulted in an early exit from several teams in the NFL, but it’s starting to look as if things are looking up.

Despite his talent, Moore has been a journeyman defensive end since entering the NFL due in large part to his lack of maturity and questionable work ethic. These two character flaws are often times hard to distance oneself from, but that is exactly what Damontre Moore is trying to do as a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

DE Damontre MooreThe Dallas Cowboys have had their eye on the troubled DE for quite some time now. They worked him out last season, but decided not to sign him at the time. Instead he went to Seattle, where unfortunately the DWI charges occurred. The Cowboys knew of his possible suspension ahead of time, but signed him anyways.

So far, Damontre Moore has taken full advantage of his opportunity with the Dallas Cowboys. He has performed like one of the better pass rushers the Cowboys have on the roster and could be looking at a big role on defense in 2017. Unfortunately, that makes his suspension that much more depressing.

The good news is though it’s finally looking as if Damontre Moore is finally starting to put everything together. Taking accountability for his past actions is a good sign he is serious about his football career. A focused Moore could be a dangerous weapon to help improve the Cowboys pass rush.

Nobody can really know how good Damontre Moore can be for the Dallas Cowboys, but fortunately we will get to see him throughout the rest of training camp and in preseason to get a better understanding of his talent. Hopefully taking accountability for his past actions is just the start of good things to come for the veteran DE.

Does Damontre Moore’s apology show maturity?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

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