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Defensive Player of the Year Announced

Dallas Cowboys

Defensive Player of the Year Announced

The 2008 NFL Defensive Player of the Year has been announced! No DeMarcus Ware did not win the award. Why? I wondered the same thing myself. So I went looking for answers, and after doing that I am more confused now than I was before!

The award winner was none other than James Harrison, followed by DeMarcus Ware, and Ed Reed. I was shocked to see that James Harrison had won the award, not anything against Harrison he just did not have as good a year as DeMarcus did.

James Harrison is a great player who had a great year. Harrison ended the year with 16.0 sacks, 7 forced fumbles, and 59 tackles. Lets be honest though if Ware has 2.5 more sacks Ware wins the award going away. So if he wins it going away with 22.5 sacks how does he not at least win out a squeaker with 20.0 sacks? DeMarcus Ware’s final stat sheet looked like this: 20.0 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, and 69 tackles.

Yes I know I have a biased opinion on this, but to me DeMarcus Ware should have won this award. James Harrison has the privilege of playing opposite of LaMarr Woodley (10th in the league in sacks) and James Farrior (6th in tackles) and Troy Polamalu (the second best safety in the league) and the top ranked defense in the NFL. While Ware carries the Dallas defense pretty much by himself! The last time I checked this award was designed to go to the TOP DEFENSIVE PLAYER and by the numbers DeMarcus Ware was the best their was! Like all other “individual” awards if your team is a loser then you must be as well! Sorry D-Ware as far as A Cowboy Nation is concerned you are our Defensive Player of the Year!

  • Mike D


  • bags030404

    Ha Ha Ha I get it! You spun that like T.O. and Romo last year! Your funny. You should become a stand up comic! Your comments are sooooooooooooo insightful! This does not shock me though you are a giants fan! Enjoy the butt kickin from the Eagles this weekend! I am anxiously awaiting the sounds of Elisha laying on his back screaming like a girl! How are the mandatory gun control lessons going?

  • Mike D

    Bags-you dont really think that Donovan McPuke is going to beat the Super Bowl MVP in a Big Game Do YOu? Cmon this aint Dallas Bro. Gmen dont “Bend over” in big games. We will DOMINATE the EGirls.
    As for Bureess,I fully expect him to be battling TO,Gayton and Williams for playing time next season as he will be released in the Offseason. Unlike old Jerruh the NYG do not tolerate guys that hurt the Team cause and are me first guys. He will fit in well down there with the rest of the tools you have. He’ll be a great asset blocking for Michael Vick when he comes down to run the Wildcat in Irving next year:-)

  • bags030404

    Dexter Jackson, Larry Brown, and Deion Branch are also Super Bowl MVP’s! Your team will only go as far as your running backs will take you, Tavaris Jackson could run your offense and do the same things Elisha does, he is an average QB at best (can you say Brad Johnson 5 years ago). You have an excellent team, but you are in for a rude awakening if you think you are just going to roll through the playoffs back to the super bowl. As a matter of fact your exact situation looks eerily similar to mine last year!

  • Mike D

    So are you admitting that even Taveris Jackson would have beaten you in the playoffs last year?
    Call Eli whatever you want, I wouldnt trade him for ANY QB in the League, especially not that pathetic choke artist you have down in there in “little D” Tony BLowmo

  • bags030404

    Oh my God! You guys win one SB and to hear you talk one would think the Giants win every year, and that Elisha is the “Greatest of All Timezzzz”.What I was admitting is that Brad Johnson of 5 years ago is the same player that Elisha is. Look at their stats they are the same!

  • Pierce34

    Mike..I love your clever nicknames for everyone, it really shows your true maturity. I am going to love watching “Donovan McPuke” bend your little G-string men over this week.

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