Deny, Deny, Deny: Dak Prescott Has "No Knowledge" of Fake Autographs ⋆
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Deny, Deny, Deny: Dak Prescott Has “No Knowledge” of Fake Autographs

Dak Prescott

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Deny, Deny, Deny: Dak Prescott Has “No Knowledge” of Fake Autographs

Ashley Landis/Dallas Morning News

Deny, Deny, Deny: Dak Prescott Has “No Knowledge” of Fake Autographs

This past Wednesday, the accusation that an autopen machine was used to put Dak Prescott autographs on trading cards was made public. To no one’s surprise, Prescott has since denied any knowledge of or involvement in the activity.

Panini America, a publishing company that works with Prescott on these cards, released a statement on Friday which seemed to absolve Dak and his representatives of blame.

“Prescott and his representatives have worked closely with Panini during this process since becoming aware of the discrepancies and have no knowledge of how those cards were returned to Panini.”

The statement also details that Prescott fully cooperated in an investigation with Panini. The company announced a new long-term agreement with Dak for future business, which shows they must be satisfied with his explanation.

Dak Prescott

QB Dak Prescott

The potential fraud was uncovered by an authenticator from Beckett Grading Services, who said the five Prescott cards that he examined had a “machine-like feel.” This was assumed to be from an autopen device, which mechanically duplicates user signatures. This machine is most commonly associated with politicians, but other celebrities and business people could easily make use of them.

While Panini America appears happy with Dak’s response, claiming “no knowledge” is the typical strategy in these situations. Tom Brady initially claimed to have no awareness of the activities that led to Deflategate. Earlier this year, Eli Manning claimed no knowledge of potential fraud involving “game-worn” memorabilia.  Evidence has since come out that puts both of their claims into question.

That said, given the representation and other entourage that star NFL quarterbacks take on, it’s entirely plausible that Prescott truly didn’t know what was happening. Obviously, all Cowboys fans hope this is the last we’ll hear about this incident.

Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

  • Randy Martin

    I hope this was a little tongue-in-cheek….far too much written on this topic. Its what happens when a childhood hobby turns into big business. What hasn’t been written or explained is the entire process on how cards get original signatures and then placed into a sealed pack. Does the company ship them to an athlete or agent and then they are mailed back? Do athletes go to the facility and sign them? A simple understanding of that process would reveal where the fraud lies. And if its on Dak, that is hardly in the same ballpark with Deflategate. I wouldn’t blame him either as far too much is asked by society to get a piece of celebrities anyway because at the end of the day these men and women are simply human beings, same as you and I. Our obsession with stars and autographs is a harsher indictment on society, than the celebrities themselves.

    • ThePsychodad69

      Panini manned up and said they did it and will replace them with real autographs with a hologram making the others insignificant.

      The fault lies with the so called authenticator, pretty sure those packs will be worth something once most are swept up and destroyed.

      I bought 200 Emmitt, for this reason, destroyed 150 sat on 25 and sold 25 for my initial 200.

      Part of the game, don’t be a rube.

      • Kevin Black

        It is part of the game, but those unfamiliar with the game will take the story at face value unfortunately. This story will have legs long past today if Das keeps having success. In American, proof has become secondary to accusation.

    • Jess Haynie

      I don’t disagree with anything you said about the trading card/sports memorabilia industry. Not a fan of it, either. However, those feelings don’t excuse anyone for exploiting fans who are paying the money for what they believe is a genuine autograph or game-worn (e.g. Eli Manning) jersey or helmet. Not saying Dak did that or was at all aware of what happened, but I don’t fault people who’d be upset by it.

      Honestly, if a player is caught engaging in some kind of autograph/memorabilia fraud, I have no issue with the league suspending them. You’re taking advantage of the fans at that point, and that’s far more that the NFL should be worried about than players smoking marijuana.

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