Deon Anderson Arrested: Cutting Nick Folk Was Justified

Cowboys starting Deon Anderson was arrested for traffic warrants when police were called to a local restaurant for a dispute between the player and staff.  Typically this wouldn’t make news except for the fact that two weapons were confiscated from Anderson’s car.

Anderson posted bail from the Irving, TX jail the next morning.  Though no charges were directly filed against the Cowboys player, it’s worth keeping an eye on.  The Cowboys expressed knowledge of the incident and we will follow any subsequent action from the organization.

An Old Folk Tale

Sometimes you’ll hear an organization criticized for its moves throughout the season.  The same is true for Cowboys ex- Nick Folk.  It seems as though everyone says the Cowboys acted too fast on the of Folk.   I strongly disagree.  This is a job and if you are not performing your job you shouldn’t have it.  Sorry if that’s harsh but it's true, the dude’s getting paid millions to kick a ball weekly.

Am I being to harsh? Maybe, because I can’t kick field goals.  I do know however that there are people in this country being shot at daily so that the NFL can still exist and saving lives and they make what? $40-70,000 dollars? Get real.


In Super Bowl 28 the Dallas Cowboys played a team that seemed ready to finally win a Super Bowl.  Unfortunately, one man stood in their way—.  The Cowboys were down 13-6 when forced a fumble and scooped it up for a defensive touchdown.

This sparked the Cowboys and Emmitt led the way on a perfect drive where he produced 61 yards on 7 touches and a touchdown to cap it off.  Smith finished with 30 rushes for 132 yards and 2 touchdowns, earning himself the game award.

Final Score: 30-13


Written by Bo Martin

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!

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As much as I love Emmitt, And the final week of the season that year when he beat the Giants, literaly single handed, James Washington turned that Super Bowl around that day with the fumble recovery and later an interception. Just always wanted to add that part of my memory somewhere.

Bryan Martin

It was a big day for James Washington for sure Keith. Thanks for adding to the memory!


One of my pet peeves is the misuse of "there" & "their". For instance, it should have read "one man stood in THEIR way". Whereas, you would put something over THERE. Just trying to be helpful.

Bryan Martin

Haha my deepest apologies John


I like Deon, he is a monster. Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be more and a continuing pattern for him and he stays on the team, he is almost at blitz pickup and blocking.


Edit*: He is awesome at blitz pickup and blocking.

There needs to be a way to delete your posts!!


Hey Joe, there is, you just have to be registered to do it, either on this site, or on the Intense Debate site, the service that handles our comments.


I really like Deon and hope that he gets his @&*%$ together, what is it with these guys and guns, and being stupid?

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