Deon Anderson Should Fear Team Reaction

Of all the things to happen, why’d Deon Anderson have to land himself a gun related charge? Seriously, as if Plaxico Burress didn’t make that point crystal clear for the league.

To me it seems like there are just too many dynamics in play to try to figure out what will happen with him should he be convicted, and even if he’s not. I say too many because one of the key dynamics is the amount of change in Jerry Jones regarding his players and personal conduct.

We all remember the 90’s—it was ugly as far as personal conduct.

But then Adam “Pacman” Jones was able to test and tread the waters before eventually sinking at the hands of Jerry Jones. And who can forget Terrell Owens, given that anyone believes the decision to release him last year was even slightly about team chemistry and “The Player’s” attitude.

Jerry has possibly demonstrated a change in his own policies for dealing with players who cause and get into trouble. I use possibly because while things were really heating up with Pacman and T.O., Anthony Spencer got into some trouble and barely received a slap on the wrist.

So what will Jerry do with Deon, regardless of if he is eventually convicted or not? It’s hard to say.

T.O. had become more of a problem than a producer, and Pacman could never stay out of trouble long enough to start producing in Dallas. But Spencer was viewed as the next starting OLB ready for the soon-after release of Greg Ellis.

Deon Anderson had one catch for five yards in 2009. That’s it. That was all of his involvement.

It seems to me that the axe would fall swiftly if it even looked like he was facing jail time. But a guy that touches the ball only once in a whole season plus two playoff games should be very worried no matter what.

So you guys tell me what you think, should he be cut and under what circumstances? Answer in the comments.

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What do you think?

Bryson Treece

Written by Bryson Treece

Nothing gives me greater joy than the experience of being a Dallas Cowboys fan come time to check another victory on the schedule every Sunday. I live Inside the Star everyday and blog on it occasionally, as well. Follow us on Twitter - @InsideTheStarDC


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