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Despite Cooper Trade, Michael Gallup’s Development Can’t Be Ignored

The Cowboys made the type of splash they've avoided in recent years over their , trading a pick for . The former fourth overall draft pick brings a receiving element which the Cowboys have not had on the outside this season, and will hopefully open up the middle of the field for as well.

Trading for Cooper makes sense on a lot of levels, and even if you disagree with the compensation, you have to be excited about the upside of this receiving corps moving forward. Amari Cooper as the X, Cole Beasley in the slot, and as the Z receiver.

Yes, rookie wide out Michael Gallup. Not signee .

Despite trading for Amari Cooper, and hopefully re- Beasley this upcoming , the Cowboys need to make sure that Gallup's development is towards the top of their priorities. They can't allow an average-at-best veteran receiver to take his snaps on the outside, no matter what his price tag currently is.

Over the last few games Michael Gallup has looked more and more like his college-self, and even scored his first NFL touchdown against Washington when the Cowboys were last in action. Outside of Beasley, Michael Gallup has been the Cowboys' best route runner this season. And, outside of former first rounder Amari Cooper, I believe Gallup has the most upside of any of the Cowboys' receivers.

Of course, this doesn't guarantee anything with Gallup. He may never be the player that all of us in the draft world expected, but he has already begun to show signs that he will develop into that mold. The Cowboys need to make sure that Michael Gallup doesn't get lost in the wide receiver shuffle during the second half of this season, to better ensure his growth as a professional player.

They have to make it a point to get Gallup on the field opposite of Cooper, as that is what they should hope will be their 1-2 punch moving into the future. Luckily, playing Michael Gallup as that Z receiver doesn't require a sacrifice in play quality right now, as I would argue he is already a better player than Hurns.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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IMO Gallup is gonna be a stud, you are correct that he is already better than Hurns! They should have Gallup in for the majority of the snaps and continue his development and moving forward we could have a sweet trio of Wr’s for the next 5 yrs or so! Now its up to Dak to get his crap together and find them open! Just like the Skin game which I was at and realized how open Gallup was and it didnt matter if Norman was with him or not, he made plays and Dak made some sweet throws BUT he missed Gallup on that strip sack for a TD for the Skins because Gallup was open for a 95 yard TD

Sexcdex Xfact

There was darn good reason he didn’t see him
All 22 film revealed Dak couldn’t have stepped into the throw which could’ve been Judy’s disastrous as the strip sack recovery for that TD

Dak pocket presence could’ve been better to see the UNBLOCKED pass-rusher & escaped to find Gallup however

Dak said he saw Gallup but tried to escape & didn’t adjust in time nor protect the ball

Dak HAS flat-out missed receivers before but that wasn’t one of them

Now the receivers have dropped their fair share this season too
Including Zeke’s missed TD catch in the back of the endzone ‘s Washington

We need to mention apprx 5 dropped TD passes
A negated TD pass by Zeke’s stepping out of bounds
Gallup NOT getting both feet down etc

Dak getting the ball there & receivers catching it are just as frequent as Dak’s inaccuracy

The O line has been very suspect also
That’s why a coach just got fired
Dak’s been told to go certain places on certain plays also
That’s coaching

They’re all to blame


As long as Dak feels phantom pressure, doesn’t see the field and dumps off the ball on 3rd and long to Zeke it does not matter who the wr is. As long as the O line makes horrible penalties seemingly every major gain to destroy drives it doesn’t matter who the wr is. As little g as the TE group sucks it doesn’t matter who our WRs are.

Sexcdex Xfact

I don’t see us abandoning Gallup nor burying him in the depth chart

He’s a 2nd rd pick but had as high as mid to late 1st rd grades in him

Ridley has Sanu & Julio drawing most of the attention which helps him to get open

Now, Cooper can do the same for Cole & Gallup
This us also due to Mr Zeke th Freak Elliott of course

We are primed for a return to prominence

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