June is a slow month when it comes to NFL news.

This is a subject that I touched on during this week's episode of the RJOShow, and we're starting to see it ripple into the world of our . This time it's a story that, shockingly, paints in a bit of a negative light.

News broke on Wednesday that Bryant is facing a lawsuit from his former landlord over allegations that exceed $60,000 in damages regarding a house that he once leased. The suit in question is being filed by Texas State Senator Royce West, who's name you've heard before.

Cowboys Headlines - Dez Bryant Facing Lawsuit, Still Focused On 2016

Senator West provided a friendly face and point of allegiance for Dez early in his career. In 2011 when Dez was facing lawsuits seeking over $1M over unpaid jewelry bills it was the Senator who represented him. A year later it was Senator West who worked a deal that led to the dismissal of a misdemeanor charge regarding Dez allegedly hitting his mother. That trusted confidant has now seemingly found himself on the other side of the Dez coin.

This new lawsuit states that the home Dez was leasing in Dallas needed some pretty significant repairs and modifications due to damage that it incurred under the time Dez was responsible for it. According to the West camp Dez and his team have refused to respond to requests made to rectify the situation and have countered with a threat that they will file their own lawsuit should this all continue.

Dez Bryant has stayed completely out of trouble since the incident with his mother in 2012. There was an alleged tape of him doing something which never came to light, so this is the first sort of set back that we've seen from him in four years… assuming this is all true.

Whatever the case Dez Bryant is well represented and the truth will surface. It's obvious that Dez himself is already sick of the talk and ready to get to what matters.

It's now 36 days. Bust out the calendars and highlighters. We're going ring hunting.

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