Dez Bryant Let The Cowboys Down Against The Giants

    When Cowboys' fans think of , they think of one of the best wide receivers in the league, a dominant talent that serves as a true leader on the field each Sunday for the .

    When other fans think of Dez Bryant, they probably think of a guy that has not warranted an excess amount of praise, with a 2015 season that never got off the ground thanks to to not only Bryant, but his .

    Then there was Sunday's 2016 opener, which should force to come to terms with the facts about Dez Bryant. Yes, Bryant was playing without Romo once again, but does not compare to , Matt Cassell, or .

    Prescott did enough to win this game, despite having to drop back 45 times, and only being able to connect with Dez on one reception of eight yards – occurring on the game's first play from scrimmage.

    Dak Prescott needed Dez Bryant yesterday at , and he was simply nowhere to be found.

    When Bryant did make an appearance, it was solely on vertical routes down the field, which did result in Dez having a touchdown reception overturned, and later having one broken up on a throw that forced him up the field.

    At the end of the day, this was a one point loss for the Dallas Cowboys, with a rookie starting at quarterback and . Naturally, the blame for falling just short falls on a multitude of factors. There was also plenty of things to look forward to with the Cowboys coming out of this game – one of them hopefully being Dez Bryant.

    We all were willing to give Bryant a pass for 2015, with the expectation that he would make 2016 his year.

    We also know that when Dez Bryant wants something – like he does a bounce back – he is not often denied. and the over rated Giants' denied Dez Bryant of a chance to put the Cowboys at 1-0 heading to Washington for another key East game. How will Bryant respond with the Cowboys in danger of falling to 0-2 overall, and 0-2 in the , on Sunday?

    These quotes are from August 20th, and show that Bryant failed yesterday to – by his own standards – do his job.

    While the film will likely show what I saw watching this game live, Bryant was again primarily used as a decoy to set up the run far too often. The Dallas run game is going to improve with as the season goes on, but Bryant will also continue to see plenty of opportunities to make lasting impacts on what the Cowboys' 2016 season is going to be.

    Outside of the play, which was below its normal level, the Cowboys' rushing attack faltered simply because the Giants made it their top priority to stop the run. In doing so, they comfortably stacked the box against Elliott and , forcing a WR like Bryant to beat them over the top. Instead, Prescott's longest completion went to TE for 21 yards.

    For now, Dez Bryant's season draws flashbacks to a dreadful 2015. and the Redskins await, and my money is on Dez Bryant and the entire to bounce back in a big way in support of Dak Prescott.

    What do you expect from Dez Bryant going forward, as the Cowboys play on the road against the Redskins in week 2? Let us know! Start the conversation with a comment below the article, or email me at

    Sean Martin
    Sean Martin
    Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.


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    George Johnson

    It seems like Dez Bryant’s lack of production had something to do with Dak Prescott’s play. I believe the coaches simplified the game plan/play calling to help Dak be successful and increase his confidence. There were mostly shorter passes. Dez dropped a pass in the end zone but it was a tough catch and he was crashing to the turf. If he had caught this Dez production would have been a lot better and Dak would have had a touchdown for the game. The lack of a running game was a bigger factor in Dallas loosing the game. Dak had to throw more than the coaches probably wanted to. Dak did okay and what he was supposed to. I was more impressed with Dak in this game then any of his preseason games except maybe the Seattle game especially considering this was a season game and Dak’s first season game. The good news is no team is getting pressure on Zak and he has been accurate and composed, so is completing a lot of passes but mostly short passes. This is likely to continue with the outstanding offensive line. I expect Linehan to open up the offense more once Dak gets more experience/reps. They may lose a few more games before Dak is ready to step up and the coaches open/expand the offense and get Dez more involved in the game. I hope they don’t try to force it into Dez too much in the next couple of games.


    I really like Dez, see the problem is besides some great catches he hasn’t proved to be elite top 5. Reasons being he loses to double coverage where elite find ways to at least get a play or 2 despite doubled all game (Fitzgerald Beckham Jr Wallace) just name a few. Coaches do not always put him in the right position to succeed, and he needs to stop complaining and play. Passion is one thing but if you don’t use it to produce and show why he should be mentioned as top elite instead of throwing temper tantrums on refs/coaches then he’ll never live up to the hype. The head coach and both coordinators need to do better job of evaluation on game planning and how to put their stars in better position to make plays instead of just call plays depending on down an distance and expect them to produce. Player’s themselves need to find way’s to learn from what didn’t work and be more adapting to situation and learn more than just relying on just the one thing thats usually worked because it’s not always going to. This team could be great but for some reason from head coach to role players they let far less talented or equipped team’s do to them what they should be doing to other’s. This team needs more agressive attitude and coaches need to be more diligent and hold guys responsible for bad play and be more vocal not passive. Jimmy Johnson was a master of this and getting most out of mediocre players because of fear of losing their job or cut. In closing they need to spend some of what $ on defense. Dt, another stud pass rusher, and a actual better cover corner. Better to have 1 than none. Remember Jerry Jones “OFFENSE SELLS TICKETS BUT DEFENSES WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS! Let’s get this team back to glory not just pawns in your Jerry world circus. Yes the new facilities are amazing and breath taking but that’s not want fans care about. They want wins and winning is the name of the game or does the showmanship you’ve provided make you forget that.

    George Johnson

    I agree winning is the name of the game. I also agree it takes a good defense to get to the Super Bowl. I think Dez will be just fine and as long as he doesn’t get hurt will have a good year. I think Dallas will have trouble winning many games until T Romo gets back. They only won one game last year with three QBs that are a lot more experienced than Dak. Dak will eventually be better than those three QBs but he is at this point a rookie. He did an amazing job considering it was his first time playing in a season game. He didn’t have any mistakes/turnovers and moved the team fairly consistently. He did have trouble scoring in the red zone and did not throw any touchdowns but almost had one if Dez had controlled the ball all the way through the catch. If he keeps playing like he did the coaches may open up the offense/playbook for him. Right now they seem to be simplifying the game plan/plays for Dak. Also if the running game would improve this would help Dak.

    Andrea Bednarski

    After watching the steeler game last night the Cowboys need to take note, they play with no aggression. Dez was know where to be found, great wr breakout of double coverage and they should of played Alfred Morris more when Zeke wasn’t doing anything.

    George Johnson

    I don’t think they will be a lot more aggressive until they feel Dak is ready. He is a rookie which everyone seems to forget. He doesn’t want to throw passes to Dez when he is double covered and I am not sure the coaches want him to either. It is smart playing to find the open receiver even it that is not Dez. Dak seems to be good at that. I expect Dez to get more passes in the next game, then the NY Giants game but may not get a lot if he is double covered again. Dak is playing well considering he is a rookie and made no mistakes. If the running game would have been better, Dallas would probably have won. I don’t think you will see a real dynamic and aggressive offense until T Romo returns. You may if the coaches think Dak can handle it but not likely.