You'd be hard pressed to find a guy who loves football, his team, and his fans as much as .

2015 was obviously nothing what he or Dallas expected. It was a series of , punches to the gut, and overall devastation. Every week we tuned in for something new to go wrong in an freshly spectacular way. It sucked.

Dez Bryant knows that, and he knows that we know that.

The passion that Dez has can't be described in any singular article, tweet, text, or moment. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He's Dez Bryant and he's going to be Dez Bryant.

Dez Bryant posted a message on his Instagram account to fans yesterday. He gave some words on what happened in 2015 and said that he was “impatient” about the .

Cowboys Blog - Dez Bryant Posts Message To Fans On Instagram

You can see by the pictured comments that everyone loves Dez. The Dallas Cowboys are very fortunate to have a player that is so universally appreciated around as Dez is. His passion extends beyond the game, beyond the locker room, beyond the field… his passion is in all of us.

We're extremely impatient about this 2016 season too, Dez. We can't wait to see you Throw Up The X in .

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