And so the shit storm begins.

Supposedly there's a of doing something he shouldn't be doing. Various websites are reporting on this as if it's anything real, just to spread the wildfire as far and wide as they can, and they're getting plenty of page hits from it, too.

  • It's 5 times worse than the Ray Rice video
  • It happened at Wal-Mart
  • Bryant's old friends are using it for a bidding war between TMZ and the Cowboys
  • It's interfered with contract talks
  • Adam Schefter says it's real and that he's been working on it since September
  • And the list goes on and on and on….

I'm just as interested to know what it is as everyone else, but I'm not dragging Blue Star Times into the muck of speculation. The source should be ashamed of themselves for going about it this way.

Video or not, readers everywhere are condemning Bryant for this video they haven't even seen so much as a screenshot of yet. It's pitiful. 's Adam Schefter says it's real and yet he admits that he hasn't seen the video or screenshots of it. Also pitiful.

I could include links to the sources of all the sites spreading this completely unfounded , but why would I send traffic to sites trying to profit from fiction passed off as bona fide news? If a video does exist, the team will handle it accordingly. And if it's anything like the Ray Rice video, thanks to Ray Rice, the league will be quick to act on it as well. That's IF there is a video.

I have my doubts about ROC Nation in general, so this just smells like a PR stunt to me.

That's all BST is going to say on it until there is actually something to say.

To whoever the source is, the video or go away. You're confusing the “Fans”.

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Mike Gannome

Funny you stated you are not dragging Blue Star Times into the muck of speculation right after listing all the speculation.

Bryson Treece

Sure as hell l beats sticking my head up my ass to add even more baseless conjecture to the situation. Gotta list all the crap I’m calling bullshit on.


Actually what you’ve done here doesn’t “beat” what other news outlets are doing. Indeed, there are Cowboys blogs out there who haven’t said a word about this, and won’t until there are hard facts one way or the other.

Bryson Treece

Well I’m anti-media so it’s not hard to understand why this post has the particular slant that it does. “Beating” other news outlets bares no fruit, since we’re not making up some wild theory and promoting it as truth. Just stating the obvious – until it’s real, don’t buy into the hype, no matter how hard (B)SPN and the mediots push it. Thanks for reading.